QUICK TIP: Drive A Lot More People To Your YouTube Videos and Website

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More advanced video marketers may know this but a lot of Intermediate levelers and newbies may not. I've found a good way to get more traffic to my YouTube videos pretty quickly - It involves naming them properly.

Do a search for the main keyword in your niche. If your niche is about training horses then the main keyword would be "Training Horses". Look for a video that falls in the top 5 or maybe even one further down the page that has some unique term in the title. In this case, the first video that shows up has some unique wording: "Stand Still To Mount". Now go name your video and add the phrase "Stand Still to Mount" in there. You want to name your new video something unique. Don't just copy their title. But put the name in there somewhere and make sure you put in your description and keywords words like "stand still" and "mount".

Now when people find the high rated video, your video will start showing up on the right side with the suggested videos. This won't always be the case but a lot of the time - you will.

Hope this helps and best of luck to fellow warriors!

- Spencer Foe
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