Here's a domain name mystery for ya...

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Years ago I thought of a catchy two-word slogan for my local city (50K people, I'm guessing) -- so I bought the domain name [2-word slogan].com.

That was, say, 6 years ago. About a year after I bought the name, I started seeing this slogan being used all over town. -- on bumper stickers, etc. Just everywhere -- like part of the language. I'm no big genius -- this "slogan" was an OBVIOUS choice -- a natural.

Here's the mystery -- just out of curiosity, I went to see who snatched up the .net + .org + .info, etc. of this slogan, and when -- and I was totally SHOCKED to see that NONE of the variants were taken -- ever!!! How is that possible?? I mean, no one is even TRYING out there? What's the deal?

So, tonight I just bought them all + I'll maybe package them up + sell them to someone here locally.

I'm just posting here to express my amazement that the NO ONE has bothered to buy these names for any purpose -- even though the phrase is clearly + obviously "on the lips" of EVERYONE in this city, on a daily basis -- and has been FOR YEARS!


-- TW
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    Well done! Why not rent them to the city itself?
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    Maybe I will -- good idea!

    Bonus!! -- there are SEVERAL cities in the US (+ maybe beyond) that have the SAME NAME!

    By the way, I just found this little list -- in case potential buyers balk at the asking price of names you're selling... sold for $3 million sold for $3.3 million sold for $5 million sold for $5 million sold for $5.5 million sold for $7.5 million sold for $7.5 million sold for $9.5 million sold for $10 million

    and -- they say "sex sells" -- well... sold for $12 million !!!


    -- TW
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    OK. There's a possibility that a local company
    is using the slogan as a "slogan", but you're using
    it as a brand name.

    So, my suggestion would be to find out who is using
    those slogans, and sell the package to them for a good

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    Nice list, 12 mill for any domain seems insane but, sex did sell lol.

    Hope you get top dollar for your domains .
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    Hi Tim,

    I was very surprised to read your post as there is a common belief that the major keyword(s) are all taken. If you want to find out what comparable cities have sold for previously, check out the Sales database (its free) on

    I'd love to know what you registered.


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    Check to see if it has been copyrighted.
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    Yes, 12 million is awesome for a domain. Hope I come across a domain and then someone offers me 12 million for it! Also happy venturing with your domain names. Get a good profit and then report back!


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  • Profile picture of the author Mcrofts Sold for 2.6Million, The Guy that Originally Bought it, Had been Holding the Domain for 14years.

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    Why not take it further, since its already off to a good start.
    Install a forum or something to make it a community site, sell ad space to local biz.
    And push the awareness further.
    A lot of radio station websites have a flat monthly rate...
    Arrange free ad space with a local business in exchange for some kind of prize to give away on the site. To win, someone has to be a member and participate in a thread or answer a question. Do that monthly to attract more signups.
    Throw some money at it to build your community. Advertise offline a bit.
    Add content on local issues to fuel discussion. The new law being passed, rumors, poor use of gov spending, etc
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    I am sure it will become much more expensive
    if you create a forum and make a HUGE buzz
    that will drive lots of people to it - then they
    will start talking... and those who have the
    money will probably soon give you a call,

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    As long as its not a trademarked term, I would build it into a full-blown web site. Best of luck!

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    We had a guy in our town come up with a name and then paid dirt cheap for the trademark.A bunch of businesses and the city started to use the name even a street.Well he took them all to court and is now cashing in as was settled out of court and they are paying him to use it while he sits back and collects big bucks..Pm me if you want name it may surprise you.
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