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Just looking for some opinions here.

Say I wanted to create a product to place on clickbank in a non-IM niche.

Would it be ok to buy a plr product, use it as the starting point and then do some high level editing and improvements, as regards content and graphics?

Much appreciated

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    Hi Jack,

    If I was you I would try to make the PLR product at least 50% unique. Get 3 - 4 PLR products and have a good read over them. Then pick the best one and use that as your main one and just chop and edit bits from the rest as well as a bit of Google research.

    As far as graphics are concerned I would strongly advise you to have unique graphics made as this will the really make your product stand out as from the rest. There are some really good mini site deals in the Warriors for hire section.
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    My concern with people using PLR to create a product to sell on Clickbank is that they will just throw it together without much editing and then sell a crappy product.

    But I think it is fine to use a PLR product as your base and then expand on it, change it, improve it like you said. I think that is fine as long as you still put together a good quality product then there is no problem with starting out with PLR and getting some ideas from it.

    I would change the graphics too like Dave suggested.
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    This is an excellent idea as long as your editing is totally ruthless try adding to the product or combine the best features from 2 or more PLR books

    FREE >>As We Thinketh << as a man thinketh for the 21st century The missing chapters are actually the best

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    By adding more resources to it, you add more value and then yes, you can sell it and maybe even more expensive.

    Digital Marketing Consultant since 1998. Contact me for a free consultation.

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    I totally agree with what Sheryl said on the topic - Nothing wrong with using PLR to save time, and get some research done for you, but you still want to make sure your product stands out from everything else. Making those kind of changes is always a good idea when you're considering long term success.
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    Jack, yes this is a good idea. You just need to ensure that you find some high quality PLR, well written and a complete package so you have no work left to do.

    PLR saves lots of time, it's a lot cheaper than creating your own product and if you find high quality PLR you have it set.
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      i would add videos showing them how to do stuff... make it fun and entertaining and let the market take you the rest of the way.

      one of the neat things you can do is set up a simple page or blog in your niche, get some ppc traffic, and ask the market what thier number one question about _________ is.

      listen to your market... ask them questions... get involved... and your product will be worth much more... and so will your list

      you can also do this with tracking links... get ppc traffic and lead them to a page with 5 links:

      for example... in the fishing niche you could have:

      where to find fish
      how to set up your tackle box
      what lures are best
      what lakes are best
      saltwater fishing

      then monitor which gets the most clicks and put answers in your product.

      its really easy and compounds on itself... when done right you can make a lot.
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    A PLR ebook can be a great resource to start with, but if you wanted to sell the product through Clickbank then I would strongly recommend getting your PLR book rewritten so that it is your 100% original content. I feel that by doing that you have overall control over the quality of the product you want to sell.

    While the splicing together of different PLR materials or adding original content to an existing PLR ebook can work, I think that unless the style of writing was the same throughout the finished ebook, your product could come across as "choppy" and harder to read and follow through with.

    Best of luck with your ventures
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    Hi Jack,
    Yes, do some high-level editing, but also add value.
    Think screenshots, graphics within the ebook, boxes with tips or quotes, additional chapters with info you think is missing (you can do this with plr articles or write the chapters yourself), story examples, case studies, etc. Add bonuses such as short reports, videos or audio interviews.

    And yes, change the ecover and sales page graphics.

    Good luck!
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    Depending on the niche, "editing" might not be your best option. Use the info as a starting place and then make a video or audio course using the PLR (and your own info) as a starting point.
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    Yep, that's how it's done. Work smart, not hard.


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