TAKE ACTION: The Easiest way to snag $100/day

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Okay I'm not going to beat around the bush here, these are probably the easiest ways to make $100/day.

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Technique #1: Keyword sniping, find a keyword with 10,000-15,000 competition that gets 2,500+ searches per month and register an exact domain. Write some content and build a few links, move on to the next. Just keep building sites.

Ninja Tip: Outsource your article writing to Fiverr ? The place for people to share things they?re willing to do for $5 for dirt cheap.

Technique #2: Autoblogs. yea, yea, we've all heard of them before. Cool part is they still work, anyone that tells you otherwise isn't doing something right.

Step #1 Go buy WP Robot or Caffeinated Content.
Step #2 Start buying aged domains, PR2-4 from GoDaddy closeouts.
Step #3 Use way back machine to determine what the previous content was about.
Step #4 Start auto-generating posts relating to the previous content.
Step #5 Purchase a high converting Adsense theme for your blog network.

Variables & Secrets:
#1 - Use high CPC Adsense spreadsheet from Adsense heaven (or another source?) to find topics to Caffeinate content about?

#2 - Use Ninja SEO plugins from Warrior Forum to make your sites get more traffic? SEO Booster Pro, SEO Presser, & some others I won't mention. Think outside the box?

#3 - Use a random post widget so when Google indexes 1 page, it sees links to other random pages and may index them too. Then when it visits the other pages, it sees more random pages. This will help with indexing.

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So how much money could Autoblogs make? Well, my autoblogs average maybe $.50-$1/day per site with Adsense... & even more with Amazon and other networks.

So... Build a bunch of sniper sites around targeted keywords with low competition (Average per sale is $20 on Clickbank... So only 5 sales per day!)...

Or... Build 100 auto blogs, and now you're at $100/day!

How hard will you work to achieve your goals?

Peace & Prosper

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  • Profile picture of the author Richgirl
    Hi Joe,
    This is great, thanks so much for taking the time to write it!! Regarding the 2,500 monthly searches, would this be global or local?
    I shall look out for more of your posts, this is really helpful!
    Thanks again!
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    It really depends on the keyword. I usually stick with Global, but I always analyze the Local Search volume to get an idea of how the keyword performed in the previous month.

    For example, a few weeks ago I put up a site that had N/A (No Data Available) local searches, but 4,000+ Global. It's at rank 1 now, and It looks to be averaging around 2,000/month so far.

    Also, with Google Instant I'm sure we're going to be seeing a lot of keywords with low competition and high search volume soon. On some keywords, Instant search shows results for a longer tail automatically unless you press enter.

    For example, one term we optimize our local business for is "Memphis Advertising"... But Google apparently doesn't think that term is relevant anymore, so now they stick "Agencies" on the end. Try it, go to Google and type in memphis advertising, and it will show you results for Memphis Advertising Agencies.
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  • Profile picture of the author angganess
    Joe,, it's great share..
    really i wanna try to do this..
    I will spend my time to try, altough I don't know will success or not.. )
    Keep share.
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