700 Clicks and 1 Registration

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I am using a branding banner to advertise my website, the banner has the logo of my website and the words "Link Building Service" I have received 700 clicks and just one registration......

I am using bidvertiser as the pay per click program, so what should I do, should I change the banner? with a non branding one?

My site used to make conversions of 12% and 16% but this month is awuful :S
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    maybe its not the banner but something on the page needs changing. stronger call to action?
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    It could be your banner or your sales page. Its hard to say, unless we get to see your site

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    Please let us see your site. So we can help you.
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    If your banner is ultra relevant, then you site is soft on making... the visitors take action.
    Go to some popular sites, that offer link building services and checkout their layouts.

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    If you think you are attracting tyre-kickers, filter them out before they click on your ad. If you are using PPC, you only want the serious potential buyers coming to your page...unless you have amazing sales copy.

    I think you are better off focusing on better traffic and then relax the advertising to get more (but less targeted) traffic once you know your page converts.
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    Does click fraud come to mind for anyone? Normal conversion of >10% compared to 1 in 700? Occam's razor applies here is my thinking.
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    Click fraud does come to mind! I was advertising with Bidvertiser and my conversions sucked. Funny though, the same type of ad on adwords did really well.
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  • great comments, thanks guys you rock!
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    I'd like to see his landing page. let's assume its not a fraud thing which would mean there's is something on his page that is preventing visitors from wanting to commit. Probably a couple of easy fixes. Hope he provides a link.
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