'Rapid Action Profits' What can it do?

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The creators of the system RAPID ACTION PROFITS system do a very poor job of explaining, in lay-mans terms, exactly what it is and how to use it.

No flow charts... No video tutorials... No clear overview... Too many confusing plug-ins...:confused:

It's a common problem... Technical guys can't communicate in lay-mans terms what their product does, or how to use it... They just throw up a sales page with a list of features, and expect the average guy to read their minds.

Can anyone out their explain in simple speak, now this system works?

For example:
Is it anything like Nanacast.com?...
Does anyone even use it?
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    Let me google that for you!


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    The OP said that he would like it explained in plain english as he is confused by the terminology used on the RAP website.

    To the OP...if you head over to this section of the forum (Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings) and search for "Rapid Action Profits", you should get a better idea of its capabilities.

    I have only come across it with managing affiliate sales, but from what I can gather it can do a whole lot more than that.
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      Originally Posted by Fraggler View Post


      The OP said that he would like it explained in plain english as he is confused by the terminology used on the RAP website.

      To the OP...if you head over to this section of the forum (Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings) and search for "Rapid Action Profits", you should get a better idea of its capabilities.

      I have only come across it with managing affiliate sales, but from what I can gather it can do a whole lot more than that.
      If you click that link and read the description of the first webpage it tells you what RAP is and what it does, and if you click that link and read the sales page it quite clearly outlines and details what RAP is used for, how it works, and how it will increase your bottom line.


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    On my blog (referenced below for your edification) I have several posts related to what Rapid Action Profits does, and can do. Another gentleman, who's link I have on said blog, has published a fine guide to "extending" RAP (Advanced Marketing Solutions Using RAP)...

    RAP Rocks!

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave
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    Did you actually take time to read the sales page? It gives you the list of features, which should give you a starting point to ask questions.

    Also, if you did a search of the forum, you would have found plenty of threads related to RAP...

    but, if it helps.

    RAP will handle sales processing through PayPal and has a built in affiliate management program. You can do stand alone product sites, or have multiple products. I have one client with over 2500 products on one domain.

    Products can be set up for a product and a One Time Offer. This can be mixed and matched and is very flexible with setting up giveaway products, special offers and a lot of schemes that the user community has developed over the years.

    RAP will handle list management through the auto optin feature, with the latest version allowing for list segmentation for a front end and OTO product set up.

    Each product allows for different affiliate commissions %, as well as JV and Equity Partners.

    Then there are numerous add ons for different functions, the big ones being the Members Addon and RAP Press. Both are used for memberships and the Members Addon comes with the PayPal Addon to do trial, installment and Recurring Billing.

    Now, what other questions might you have?


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    I am quite grateful that I own Rapid Action Profits.
    Yes -- it is quite a bit more expensive than when I first purchased it.

    But, for what it does, it's probably one of the most cost effective solutions out there.

    Why do I say that ?

    Well --
    here are some of your choices: Clickbank
    -- they will take care of your affiliates for you -- but at some pretty high fees that they take out (relatively -- I'm not saying that they don't earn them -- they do -- for all the payment processing, paperwork,etc. However, RAP can help you sidestep some of those issues.)
    dlguard -- no built-in affiliate program -- so you need to use it with another tool that does.
    e-junkie -- now $18/mo, I hear???

    While, at times, RAP can be a bit clunky -- give it a header, give it a footer (and it supplies you with text-field templates for how to write a salesletter in salesletter.html; as well as some basic (what I call) "web legals") -- with a little work (a bit more when you are first starting ...) you can have a complete system --
    a complete website -- a consistent looking interface for all your pages; an easy tracking and reporting system for both YOU and YOUR affiliates and YOUR JV partners.)

    IOW -- nearly a website (not just a webpage) -- in a box.

    The documentation (User's Manual) has improved 100%. (though I still think some of the information should be moved into indexes -- and a few additions made, like making it clearer which templates you need to be concerned about and when -- some great progress has been made in that direction -- but a bit more would be helpful.)

    If you are interested, and want to buy (I think it's a GREAT tool, especially for somewhat cash-strapped IMers -- because there's a one time upfront cost. There are some great addons -- but there's a lot of functionality straight out of the box. A LOT.) -- let me know, and I'll help you tap into other resources that can make your RAP journey much more pleasant.

    One of the very cool benefits of RAP is that you and your affiliates get paid immediately. This is not true of clickbank.

    A few months' ago I was a lot more skeptical of RAP -- even though I've owned in for a few years. But more recently, I've been putting up products in RAP for both myself and my clients. In the past, I've set up products for myself by just going into paypal.
    With RAP, I don't have to go in and make new PayPal buttons. That may sound minor -- but I really like it -- it means I have the option to easily change the price, nearly on the fly.

    Right now I have an option which will sell X number of copies of a product I sell for a lower price -- and then it will go back to regular price when that number is sold. It's handled automatically by RAP.

    I've just set up a product that will be given away to buyers of a giveaway upsell -- but it can still be sold "as is."

    With addons, I've set up memberships (using RAPPress). While I think RAPPress is a great product, I've found it a bit cumbersome -- the combo package that I think is still available, includes membership plus -- a very cool addon by the co-author of RAPPress -- when you buy RAP.

    I can't remember whether the PayPal subscription option comes as a bonus to membership plus or RAPPress -- but I'm also impressed with that as well, and have set that up for the multi-pay option for the membership I set up.

    Anyway -- those are just SOME of the things you can do with RAP.

    Does it have limitations? Absolutely.

    Is it the easiest thing to use? Not always. There are aspects of the ajax interface that drive me nuts (but the same stuff drives me nuts in dlguard and clickbank, as well.)

    But I made a few videos for a fairly non-techy client of mine -- about 20 minutes' worth -- to answer some questions he had (where do I find my products?) -- and the next thing I knew, he'd been using some of the information without asking me another question - so it can't be too bad.

    And, of course, you don't have to do 1099s for affiliates because they get paid immediately into their paypal account -- you are not paying them, thus no 1099s are necessary. (Considering the IRS came knocking on Mike Filsaime's door and got him to cough up over a million dollars,, this is no small matter.)

    Again, I think it's an excellent choice for a beginning IMer -- although I can also understand why you can have some problems using it, because I have too -- and I'm far from a tech dunce, having spent over 20 years' doing software (um, assembly language, real time communications, etc.) in Silicon Valley. Granted, the aging brain cells may not be as limber as they used to be, and I can definitely seem to be (I'm sure, to others) "all thumbs." But it's not just my opinion -- I've definitely heard it from others.

    Hope this helps!

    Live JoyFully!

    Judy Kettenhofen
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      Thanks Judy that was a great perspective, I appreciate the time you took to explain the pros and cons about RAP.
      I must say I do like the idea of their affiliate management system. But I've yet to make a decision, because I've recently come across Digital-Access-Pass (DAP) and also profitstheme.com Which is a very impressive Wordpress based platform, so the flexibility when using plug-ins etc, makes HTML look quite plain and boring in comparison. I have purchased products from affiliates using RAP, and so entered the sales funnel, and membership areas. I couldnt say I though the interface was very pretty. In fact I thought it was pretty ugly and plane looking, like websites of 8 years ago.
      The other reason I'm warming up to the combination of Digital-Access-Pass and profitstheme.cm, is because of their stated compatiblity.

      But I would really love to hear your view on that combination.
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