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by Rob P
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Not sure if this is the place to post this. Apologies if not. I'm looking for feedback on a new product which I'm releasing soon.

You can see the various pages here:

• Squeeze page:
• Thank you/upsell: Thanks for requesting your free report... "Seminar Secrets" - STOP AND CONFIRM.
• Sales page: "How to Organise PHENOMENAL Seminars & Workshops on any topic ...and SELL-OUT every time"

Any feedback on the sales copy, funnel structure & free ebook greatly appreciated. If anyone is interested in becoming a JV/affiliate at 70% on front end and 50% on back end please let me know at

Many thanks. __________________
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    I like your squeeze page, except one thing - isn't a 57 pages give away a little too much? I guess people like shorter stuff to read... but of course that's up to you, your testing and your target customers.

    Your Thanks page is also cool, again except one thing - perhaps substitue stars in the "Click here for details" for arrows?

    I mean, you had an arrow pointing to the opt-in form, a.k.a to your call for action. Why not do the same on the next page?

    Unfortunately, I find your sales page boring.
    • You should probably make much more paragraphs, 2-3 lines per each.
    • I'd make the Earnings Disclaimer bigger so that I don't look like a person that has something to hide.
    • Maybe don't use the same picture all over again and try to change them here and there.

    Overall, here's my rating:

    Squeeze Page - 85%
    Thank You Page - 85%
    Sales Page - 40%
    Signature - PPC agency

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    Hey Vogin,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read through it all and give me the feeback - much appreciated and taken on board.

    All the suffering in this world comes from trying to make yourself happy. All the happiness comes from making others happy. (GK Gyatso)

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    squeeze page is ok. The ecover sort of washes out though being grey/silver and matching the background.

    Agreed with Vogin, 57 pages is too much.

    Thank you is OK.

    The photo on the sales page is terrible. Sorry.

    I had to struggle to even see that it was a seminar. All I see is the back of people's heads too. Should be a better photo you can find on morguefile, bigstockphoto or istockphoto showing smiling people sitting in a seminar.

    Not a fan of the Seminar Pro manual repeating down the side... lead me to final graphic that is a collection of these manuals. Keeps people from getting distracted AND one pic with all the manuals makes the product feel "bigger". At first, I thought the covers were all the same vs representing the different modules.

    All success,


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      brilliant advice, thanks. Will act on it later tonight
      All the suffering in this world comes from trying to make yourself happy. All the happiness comes from making others happy. (GK Gyatso)

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