Namecheap Coupon .COM for $5.99 & transfers for $4.99

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Hi Warriors,

USE this coupon: SAVEBIG

Just got this email: Hope yo like it.

Dear Mohsin,
We at Namecheap are pleased to announce that for the rest of the month, we're running our lowest price promotion EVER. Now, you can register a new .COM, .NET, or .ORG domain for an amazing low price of $5.99. Transfer any domain to Namecheap for the low price of $4.99. We'll even cover the ICANN fees!
Just use coupon code SAVEBIG when you register or transfer your domain.

Mohsin Rasool
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    Thanks Mohsin: I've been wanting to get away from goDaddy for a long time, so this is a great opportunity to make the switch.
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    Thanks for sharing this with us

    I have just tranfered 2 of my domains to Namecheap.
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  • Thanks for that Mohsin,

    Glad I haven't bought any domain names today.

    How come Namecheap never emailed me about this? I could have wasted a lot of savings... LOL.

    I will be buying a lot of domains this week then
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    Wow this is a sweet deal - thanks a lot for this.

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    It's a really sweet deal. Me thinks it's really
    mainly the domain name registrars that are making
    money nowadays, hence such cut-throat deals to
    outshine themselves. Anyway, we IMers are the
    better for it, and the richer,

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    Is The ONLY Coaching Program That Does 99% Of The Work
    So they EARN while they LEARN

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      Yeah, I got this email hours after buying 23 new domain names... Oh well... maybe I'll have to buy some more so I feel like I "saved".

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        Fantastic! Had a number of old domains I kept meaning to get around to transferring. Thanks for the extra motivation, Bhai.
        Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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  • Profile picture of the author Mohsin Rasool
    You are all Welcome!
    Glad to know you will use if to save some bucks!

    Yeah Kevin Bhai,

    Bring that domain to NameCheap

    With Best Regards,
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    Originally Posted by Chris Kent View Post

    Thanks Mohsin. I was gonna do a load of info registrations but now I might opt for .com instead....
    Yes .com are always better than .info. I had about 10+ .info domains which I am flipping, but i know how hard it is to sell .info compared to .com... So yes .com on this price is a bargain!
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      Is it still available???

      Love the Humanity...:)

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    They are revitalizing the offer this Tuesday.
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      Excellent. Got both Godaddy and Namecheap discount coupons.

      Domains are getting cheaper and cheaper :-)
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    Just a bump to let all the warriors know that this offer is now active today and will only be for 24 hours

    I just used the coupon to registered a .COM for just $5.99.

    The coupon is same as stated in the OP: SAVEBIG

    $5.99 for new registrations

    $4.99 for transfers
    Sit back and relax, while you take advantage of this freelance writer.
    Special Price:$10 per article (normally $25). PM Me for details.
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    Don't let the Namecheap front page fool you! It only talks about transfers. But I just finished registering two NEW domains, for $5.99, using the same coupon code.

    Somehow I think their main intention is using this to snatch new customers away from the jaws of disappointing yet complacent registrar competitors.

    In case you're wondering, in the "small print" it says the coupon is good for up to 100 domains per customer.
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    Do they accept other payment methods such as AlertPay?

    Thanks for the information.
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    I know they take Paypal and credit cards, but I am unaware of any other payment methods. However, you can go to their site and just set up an account without buying anything and get "inside" and have a look around.

    On a different note, you can place money "inside" an account for future usage, and although that might not help you today, their Facebook page is That's how I found out about the coupon for today. You could work out the details to get money into the account and then keep an eye out for a good coupon via Facebook.

    Actually, I'm guessing that someone else could probably set you up an account and then forward you the details, too. Maybe that might work out, maybe you might be able to buy a "preloaded" account if you could find someone who will work with you to get it set up. I am not sure. Back when my focus was buying and selling domains, I once bought a domain from someone who had just one domain in an account (this wasn't at Namecheap but I'm betting it would work with them, too) and when I paid them they then gave me the login and password to get inside the account to access the domain. I then changed the password and went on. There's no rule saying there has to be a domain in the account before you buy it.
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    I use Namecheap, but never got this coupon in an email. Maybe there's a list I'm supposed to opt in that I haven't.

    Thanks for the timing on this and letting us know it's still valid. I've got a few domains I wanted to register today.
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    Excellent! Thanks for this great info!

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  • Profile picture of the author Mohsin Rasool
    Wow, thanks for the updates, I did register few domains that day i posted this. Then few days later i tried to register some more, and Oops it was expired as they said VOLUME limit has met.

    Now i read your replies, and going to try this again. Thank you Warriors for the updates.

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    I just saw that too. I stumbled across it when I went to register a domain. Glad I did, since it's for today only. I came here to make sure someone had posted it. I have some domains that I have wanted to switch to namecheap, because of the extra stuff you get for free from them that Godaddy charges for. I was going to search for a coupon code for the new domain, now I know they are the same code. Thanks for that.

    Be aware that it is today only, Oct. 5th, and it specifies EST time zone.
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    Man I wish I would have seen this sooner!! I bought like 12 domains in september... but all around early september!
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    Originally Posted by hardindex View Post

    They accept creditcard, paypal and google checkout.
    Note : Offer code has been extended till 31st oct. You can register up to 100 domains at $5.99 each.
    Where did you read that it was extended? I can't seem to find this.

    I'm also opted into their email list and didn't get this coupon notification! Great find!
    Perhaps an attic I shall seek.
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    Just tried it. Didn't work. Looks like it has expired.

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      Originally Posted by rondo View Post

      Just tried it. Didn't work. Looks like it has expired.

      It worked for me about 12 hours ago and I updated this thread as soon as I registered the domain.

      Maybe they are sticking true to their words here by closing the offer as said
      Sit back and relax, while you take advantage of this freelance writer.
      Special Price:$10 per article (normally $25). PM Me for details.
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