How do you stay on top of things?

by Dmitry
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I was wondering how do you go about staying on top of things eg. updated about the trends online and in your particular niches without getting overwhelmed. Are there any sites that provide this? And by staying on top I really mean - marketing wise - knowing what's going on so you can spot an opportunity. For example I don't care what's going on with iphone but it's interesting to see the opportunity there.
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    You might try Google Alerts, you can set it up with any keyword, but you might get a ton of results, maybe you can narrow it down.

    Find blogs that are geared to niche or product you want to keep up on and add them to a feed reader. Feed readers are nice to get a quick overview.
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    Thanks, but I was thinking if there is some more "sophisticated" tool/method... because blogs can add up fast.
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      Originally Posted by Dmitry View Post

      Thanks, but I was thinking if there is some more "sophisticated" tool/method... because blogs can add up fast.
      Have you done the thirty day challenge? Ed Dale has some fun tricks that he always shares each year to help us with this kind of thing.
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    Twitter is my single best source of information about what I'm interested in. Since I follow lots of people who have similar interests, and link sharing is a big part of Twitter, I almost never check my RSS feeds now and only use Google Alerts for specific keywords (like my name :-)
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    I think if you're immersed enough, you'll always have your finger on the pulse as a matter of personal interest anyway.

    But considering some (most) of us don't market in markets we are interested in, I'd say just subscribe to some relevant RSS feeds, newsletters etc and just visit some of the major blogs/forums in your industry every day.

    If you're marketing in numerous niches, then you can outsource this or just don't worry about it and ask your subscribers/customers what they want.
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    Simply being on the internet as much as possilbe will keep you up to date with everything going on. Posting in forums within the niche you are interested is a great way to keep up with the constant changes.

    In addition, article directories can help you become more knowledgable with various products and topics going on in the world. If you want to stay updated with trends, it is all about consistency and being around.
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    • I use rss feeds, and google alerts so I know what is going on in a particular industry.

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    Spending time at the Warrior Forum would help you stay on top of things ... New products, new technologies, etc ... It helps. Plus if you just keep working on your niche, you will keep learning.

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