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Hey Warriors,

I'm learning how to create information products (specifically "special reports") and I'd like to know if you have any products and/or resources you can recommend.
So for I have:

"The Special Report Bible."

Since we're here, why not create this thread as a kind of reference for everyone. (Just an idea ...)

Thank you in advance.
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    Well I don't use any one source, the thing I did was to grab copies of some popular, best selling WSO's and study their structure. Those were not anywhere near the ncihe I created my product in, I deliberately did this to avoid getting influenced by similar products. For example I study the structure of the best selling pdf's on article marketing when I'm creating a pdf on offline consulting.

    You need to format it nicely, in a structured manner (organize the content in chapters and subchapters). You need to make a basic structure, list the titles of chapters and then fill them in. You can supplement the text with audio and video if you choose (I recommend linking supplementary stuff within the document for continuous flow). Make sure to put plenty of screenshots and real life examples, that will cut down excessive writing so instead of explaining a procedure in 5 paragraphs you can just show it with one screenshot.

    I did not follow any specific tutorial or procedure to create mine, I just studied the best sellers out there and structured the information nicely, with external resources hyperlinked. (Use the hyperlinks, videos and multimedia to your advantage!)
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      Good advice Dremora.

      I've studied other products (for structure, content, etc.) and it's given me lots of ideas and something to work from.

      Originally Posted by Chad Heffelfinger View Post

      Hey ZigZag,
      I am just finishing up a product that covers an easy method for product creation. It is a method that is great for beginners and struggling marketers to still be able to create their own products.
      Thank you Chad. Very cool.

      And, thank you very much, John and Paul. So now we have ...
      1. "The Special Report Bible" by Damon G. Zahariades
      2. "Make Your Knowledge Sell" by Monique Harris and Ken Evoy

      (Both of these have a few pages of outdated information, however, most of it is good advice. I've learned a lot from them.)

      3. "The Voice Report" by Paul Myers (free in “The War Room”)
      4. "Your Own Product - Start To Sales" by Caliban Darklock

      (I've tried searching under Steven Wagenheim and Kevin Riley but couldn't find anything. If anyone knows the links, please post them.)


      OK. Let's continue the list. (I'm going to search more in “The War Room”.) If you have something to recommend, please do.

      "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Hey ZigZag,

    I am just finishing up a product that covers an easy method for product creation. I will shoot you a pm when I am done and you can check it out and review it if you would like. It is a method that is great for beginners and struggling marketers to still be able to create their own products.

    I hope to have it done in the next day or two.

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    Caliban Darklock has a product which sounds like it covers *everything* about product creation. I don't own it myself, but I know Caliban's writing style. You'll no doubt enjoy it.

    His WSO is here:
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      I'll tell you a method I've started using that's working like magic. In fact, I'm about to create a product about it.

      1) I set a timer for 10 minutes and brainstorm my main idea and key points. (learned the timer thing from FlyLady -- my wife follows her, and Jason Fladlien -- product machine there too).

      2) Then I move my title and key points to a 3-4 powerpoint slide template.

      Slide 1: Title (benefit statement)
      Slide 2: Key benefits of whatever method I'm teaching.
      Slide 3: Bullet points I wanna teach ... creates a visual while helping me stay on track.
      Slide 4: Call to action / resources

      3) I flip on camtasia and record screen video and audio while I "teach" off the slides.

      4) Produce to video.

      5) Rip to audio MP3

      6) Email the audio to my transcriptionist who turns it into a full text PDF report.


      I have:

      a) A video
      b) An audio
      c) A special report

      Cool, eh?


      I used it last week to create a new program called, "How to Get Rich Giving FREE Speeches!" Worked like a champ.

      I also used a similar front end model to create a webinar I taught this past friday that sold 30% of the attendees on a $197 product.

      I've always created LOTS of product ... but seems I've moved into hyper mode lately with some of the tools we're using.

      Hope that helps!!!


      JP Maroney
      aka "Mr. Monetizer"
      ---->>> FREE Training Video: "How I Sold $110K Of Big Ticket Coaching & Consulting In 67-Minutes With A Promotion That Cost Less Than $100 ... And How You Can Too!" -- It's FREE ... My Gift!
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    Hmm, its an interesting idea. I've never given much thought to a how to process, I more figure out what I'm teaching and just start writing/recording. Interesting if having an actual process makes it run smoother.
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      Jonathan, I checked my personal library, and both Kevin Riley and Steven Wagenheim put out excellent guides to creating products. The neat thing is that they use the processes they teach to create the product, so you have a living example.
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    I think the fastest way to create an info product is interviewing an expert (or many experts on) any topic that you see there is a hot market for...

    The tricky part is being able to contact experts, and actually get them to agree doing interviews...
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    Ryan Diess and Perry Belcher had something called "Overnight Product Creation". At least, I think that's the name of it.

    It's really old, but there are some very good ideas in it. It's all about creating info products very quickly, easily, and inexpensively.
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