Top converting banner ads? Good Practices?

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I'm designing some banner ads right now... wondering if anyone can suggest some good practices for high-click banner ads.

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    Checked my notes for a webinar I watched a while back...

    > Design the banner to either stand out or fit in. This is the same advice given for Adsense placements. You want the ad to either look like a part of the site or really draw attention.

    > You can use animated gifs to tell a story, a few words per slide. Animation for the sake of it tends to annoy people and bring on banner blindness. (Anyone remember the dancing exclamation point?)

    > Include a strong call to action, your URL, and a graphic of an actual button to click. The examples I jotted down were buttons and form elements (check boxes, radio buttons, etc.).

    Not necessarily high-click, but higher conversion, design the banner as a lead in to the landing page, with similar look and feel. For example, if your LP is serious, in dark blues and maroons, don't use a red and yellow circus theme in your banner - it will cause a disconnect.

    Disclaimer: I haven't actually tested any of this stuff in years, but it worked back then and the presenter swore it worked now...
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      cool, thanks John, sounds very logical.
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    Building a killer looking banner is no good if no one else clicks it. I use a banner exchange network I to test my banners' CTR. I keep the high CTR banners and discard the rest.

    It's amazing what you (L)earn when you put some effort into it!

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