An urgent Question about youtube?

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What happened with a new youtube's video if I sent 1000 visitors in 24 hours to it ?

Can my account be banned or this can help me to get rank it fast?

Please your answer is going to help me ...
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    If the views were legit and not from same person or computerized, I don't see how it could ban you. Do popular videos get banned because they go viral and get 1000s of views per day? NO WAY! Depends on how you are sending these visitors to really be able to answer that question...
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    Is paid traffic but is human traffic not robot traffic.

    Can that help my youtube's video to get rank very fast in google first page?

    Please let me know
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    1,000 views in 24 hours aint that much. In fact, its nothing to worry about.

    When I post a video on youtube, it can get 300 views within 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes my videos can get 1,000 views in 12 - 18 hours,,,, but that is nothing to brag about. I know of some youtube power players that can get 200,000 within a few hours of posting a video.

    Who is really going to pay attention to your video getting 1,000 views in 24 hours, when other people get 200,000 or 300,000 within 2 or 3 hours?
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  • the way youtube has been recently, the view counts are pretty snafu'd anyway. i had a batch of videos that were stuck at the 300-400 plateau for six days (at that level is where youtube temporarily pauses any and all videos to verify the views are real) and then in one day went up to about 2000 views each! then they went to a more normal pace but slower than usual. i get about 200 views/day for my videos usually and they were getting about 100. i think they got it sorted out now though. i hope i said something helpful in all that lol
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    youtube uses several methods

    pre- 300
    post 300
    daily counts
    weekly counts (usually from same viewer)

    they are very good at spotting bots, proxys and paid traffic

    1000 views is not a lot, but it wont get you banned
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    I agree with ~kev~. Dont worry about 1000 views per day.
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    I don't think that they would ban you, but my guess is that you would see 200 or so view counted out of the 1000.

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