Any Good Social Media Design Services?

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I have been looking for a particular service, but I can't seem to find a complete package for this.

What I am looking for is a Social Media Design package includin YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and maybe a few others.

You can build profiles on all these websites in a few minutes, but if you are building a brand, you want them to look premium.

I am looking for a package that will take my logo and other elements of mine or my offline clients brand and build custom profiles on each of these social media sites.

The service might even provide customization for 10's of social media sites, depending on your needs (Flickr, Blogger, Weebly, MySpace and others).

If you have any suggestions about where to look for these type of services please leave a respond.
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    check out craigslist resume section
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    IMHO, any good webdesign firm can do that for you.
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      Originally Posted by Abhik View Post

      IMHO, any good webdesign firm can do that for you.
      That is very true. Still I would like someone who have a little experience in how social media looks on different screen sizes and browsers etc

      And also one who knows the posibillities of the different websites. Are anyone else looking for this service? I guess it is should be a market for it with all the offliners in this forum.
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    This sounds like another great business opportunity "social medial designers".

    I think you will find that for those of us who specialize in design and brand development these services are readily available, they just might not be found under those keywords...yet....I will have to incorporate them tho

    Any designer who is up to date with social media would do the job. But designers aren't necessarily marketers, it is when you find the ones who do design and also understand marketing needs that you get a winner.

    Personally I have had great luck here in the WarriorForum's classified ads and I think it would be a great resource for you as you will find us designers who truly understand online marketing and branding needs.

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