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by cweber
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Hey guys,

A question for ya in regards to article writing. I would like to start an article writing service to people on this site. The articles I write would be in perfect fluent English, original and unique. (No plr crap or rewritten/spun articles here ). Also each article would only be sold to the person who bought it and never to anyone else.

So what I'm wondering is how much to charge per article? I have seen article writing services online ranging from $1 per article all the way to $135 per article. If I wanted to do a wso on here for this service what would be a reasonable yet effective price for articles.

Any of your insights would be awesome and much appreciated.
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    That is a difficult questions, if running a WSO there are some quite cheap competitors out there, but anyone that wants good quality knows that they will likely need to pay a little extra to get good quality.

    You get what you pay for!

    But it is still difficult trying to charge a higher price when there are other charging a low price. Perhaps you could start out at a lower rate and when you build up your client list you can increase your prices. Once people know your writing style and if it is good quality then they shouldn't mind paying a little extra to get the good quality.
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    Thank you for that great advice. Any recommendations on what a good starting price would be per article?
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    I use Elance writers for a lot of my articles and I generally pay around $5-$8 for a 400 word article. But it really depends on the writer. I had one exceptional writer who made the articles fun and extremely helpful to the reader so we paid her $16 per 500 word article...(although she would often write way more than 500 words).

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      Ten bucks is a minimum.

      Make sure you have compelling copy and good samples. Reviews/testimonials are helpful, and you should ask for them - a good chunk of people will happily give them, fewer will think to do it without being asked.

      Anecdotally, the number of people asking me to work for them has risen everytime I raised my price.

      But I am pretty awesome.

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    Have a look through the WSO section and see what others are charging. Also check the Warriors For Hire section as there are quite a few content writers advertising their services there, so have a look and see what they are charging.

    Are you writing all the articles yourself or are you outsourcing them? Personally if I were hiring someone that outsources them I would want to pay less, only because I've used this sort of service and the quality hasn't been very good at all.

    If I were to hire someone in future I would want someone that writes the articles themselves so I know who is writing my articles and I would expect to pay a little more for that.

    Personally I would charge no less than $5 an article. I currently charge $6 for a 300 word article and $9 for a 500 word article. For me, charging any less than that it just isn't worth the time and effort you spend writing them.
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      What I would do is determine how much money you want to make. Let's say you want to make at least $20 an hour to start with and you are able to approximately write 2 articles an hour. At that rate, you would want to charge at least $10 an article so that you could make your goal of $20 an hour.

      You can't always determine how much time an article is going to take you but, if you know an approximate time then you can better price your services. I think this is the best way to do it since you are determining your rates based on your content and what you need to make rather than comparing yourself to others and lowballing it.
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        Never ask a forum full of buyers how to price your product.

        You need to think how much do you need to earn in order to make it worthwhile to you to sit and write for however many hours per day you intend to work. Don't forget to include research time when you estimate how many articles you can produce per day or week.

        If this is how you intend to earn a living, how much do you need to make to live each week?

        Once you figure this out, then you need to be honest with yourself or get some feedback from a few people and decide if your writing is worth the amount of money you need to get.

        Then you target that segment of the market that will pay your price. There are plenty of people that will pay decent money for good work so don't settle for peanuts.

        Some will tell you to start low and work your way up. I say only do that if you really need the money right now. Every time you raise the rate, you will lose the majority of your customer base but you will gain a new market segment. Don't fool yourself into thinking that if you do great work, they will pay more because it rarely holds true.

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    I used to write a article for WSO and that also relevant with some of the copying stuff and I was getting $1.50 for that but as you are saying that your stuff will be clean , you can get more for that and the charges also depends for the no. of words you are writing the article.
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    Charge what you think you are worth, but if you are offering services
    for Warriors here, then I would price a little lower until you build up
    your client base.

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    I've just had an invitation to write
    4 articles a month for a dating site.

    Also to produce 1 video a month.

    The articles are to be in a language

    that I don't speak, but I can write
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    The fee is $1600 out of which I

    will pay $200 to my expert translator,
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    When you are specialised in

    certain fields you can charge

    Also you can advertise your

    service far more easily.

    You may find these articles
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    Wow this has been really awesome stuff everyone. Thank you very much for the input it has really helped me out with ideas and pricing and what not so keep it coming
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      I have to say Tina is pretty spot on with her comments.

      It is very much about how much money you are looking to make on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis in order to make this worthwhile to you.

      I remember when I first started out providing a writing service I offered a price that I considered the "norm". However, after a few weeks, and careful reflection, it appeared that in order to make a decent and worthwhile income for myself, I would need to write over 100 articles a week. Now, this is perfectly possible, although I found that the quality of my work was being severely compromised. My articles were probably still of a higher quality than many other sevice providers, but I did not feel comfortable offering content that I knew was not up to my usual standards.

      I then actually bought a number of articles from service providers with differing price structures. Some were offering articles at $0.01 per word, whereas others were offering 500 word articles for $35, $50, etc. You get the picture. I then chose "my place" in amongst these various article writers and made a decision as to what I should charge, based on my research. I also ensured that this was an adequate "hourly rate" for me to work for, which should include proper research and writing the actual article.

      The next stage was to test - I must admit I was extremely nervous about charging the price per article I had settled for, as it was considered well above "the norm", and I was unsure whether I could live up to my price tag. As it turns out people were interested in what I had to offer, and people were happy to pay my fees. I guess it's human nature to be overly critical of oneself! If I would have been inundated with complaints, or ridiculed for my prices, this may have simply meant that I was not cut out for offering a writing service, or perhaps that I needed to improve the overall quality of my article writing!

      I have to say that I don't 100% agree with one point in Sheryl's first post (and Sheryl this is probably the one and only time!). Should you choose to offer a service at a lower rate initially, and then raise the price at a later date, you may find that a lot of your existing customers choose not to continue using your service. This is obviously not a definite outcome, although as others have mentioned there is a lot of competition amongst freelance writers. IMHO many (not all) people have a specific idea of how much money they wish to pay for content creation, and if you are out of their league they simply won't use you. You may find that if you wish to raise your rates at a later date that you need to find a completely different "type" of customer.

      "There is no fixed teaching. All I can provide is an appropriate medicine for a particular ailment" - Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do (on Zen)
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    It all depends on the quality of your articles, your niche and to whom you are selling. Make sure that you are not making a loss by selling your articles cheaper.
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    I suggest that you differentiate yourself by adding in something extra such as:

    1) write the article
    2) re-write the article two times
    3) build resource boxes with a huge variation of keyword anchor text to URLs they specify
    4) submit the article to a service like Unique Article Wizard, which you are allowed to do for clients
    5) Send back all 3 versions to the customer so they can also put one version up on their blog.

    If you did something like this with great writing I think you could get $25 easily.

    You can read more about why I like Unique Article Wizard here:
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    Replace Myself + Unique Article Wizard = Amazing | Replace Myself Bonus
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