How often should you be contacting the names on your list?

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Hi there, was wondering if any of you out there that currently have lists could give me some insight as to how often I should be contacting the names on my list and what has been successful for you.
I am currently in the process of developing a list format / contact schedule and was wondering how often that I should be contacting them. Should I contact them every week with some information or should I perhaps leave it til every 2 weeks (but make it more content rich) or even only 1 time a month (but with even more information for that one time)?
FYI my company is in the diet and health industry.
Thank-you for your responses

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    I send out a newsletter once a month - I think that once a month is good for my market.

    Some of the mailing list I have been on sent emails everyday - some of the I unsubscribed, some I keep. A lot of it might depend on the market your in.

    Lets say your in the computer security niche, then readers might want updates as soon as some important news is released.

    But if your in the dog and cat market, then updates might need to be a little slower then the computer security section.
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      I just wanted to make the point that some marketers have several lists and depending on how often you sign up for stuff, you may be on 5 or 6 of 1 marketers list. Many of these same marketers use product launches and ad swaps to send out to all their list in a broadcast. So if you are on several of the same marketrs list you could be getting several emails from them in 1 day. Some even send different emails to different list as a split test to see what works best... So before you unsubscribe make sure you did not sign up for several list to the same marketer. 1 way to tell is when you go to unsubscribe there will be buttons naming each list you are on. However some marketers use more than 1 autoresponder...

      Either way it is more about knowing your customers and your niche than it is a cut and dried number of how many times you contact your list and what value you bring each time you contact them...

      I hoped that helped

      Lee "The List Builder" Barclay
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    It depends on the expectations you set when you initially captured their email address. If you said once a week, then once a week... if you said once a day, then once a day

    That might sound obvious, but it's up to you to SET the expectations of your subscriber from the start.

    Beyond this, regular contact is usually best. Once a month means you're out of mind for about 30 days. Once a week is better... any more than that and you should (a) test, and (b) create the expectation for this before they've signed up.

    For example: If you're thinking of daily, keep in mind that people can only handle so much stuff in a day. You can still contact them daily, but the open rate may be lower.
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    This is a very difficult question because all of us deal with different set of people on our lists.

    You just have to test, test and test the waters to avoid presenting yourself as a spammer, undue attention seeker or even a blatant nuisance to your subscribers.

    But you have to be sure that you deliver or even over-deliver on your promises to your subscribers.
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    You haven't told us what the list is for (what you want to achieve), what people are signing up for and what role it plays in your sales funnel.
    So you get a lot of mixed ideas. If you were more specific, you would get more specific replies what might help you making up your mind.

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      Paul nailed it.

      Set expectations.

      Test response.

      Tweak to fit your goals.

      I receive monthly newsletters that get read soon after they arrive (one example is Randy Ingermanson's one on fiction writing).

      I'm on lists which email twice or thrice a week - and read them too.

      My own lists get email often. Yesterday, I sent out THREE emails (it was because of the Twitter 'virus', and I had to let readers know).

      If your 'test' frequency results in too many 'unsubscribers' or less responsiveness, try changing it - and measure again.

      It can take a while before you find an acceptable compromise. And the dynamics keep changing, so remain perceptive of your list's wishes.

      Hope this helps.

      All success
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        I have lists in several niches and all of them I email once a week. I kind of made it my "marketing personality" where it is not too much and not too little.

        I am not a fan of every other day or everyday like a lot IM related experts do.

        Actually, there is no rules in IM, test and tweak, I say! I base my mail out frequency on what I would be comfortable with if I was on the receiving end of these emails.

        Of course, if I have a special offer coming out, then I send out a one time broadcast for those occasions.
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        I don't use any set time frame for sending out emails. Whenever I have something to say to my list I'll let them know.

        I might send something 3-4 days in a row, and other times they won't hear from me for a couple of weeks.

        This is just how I do it.

        It also doesn't have to just be emails about whatever niche you're in all the time. Let them know about fun things you've done in your life recently. Point them to some interesting articles or videos from the net (stay away from political/religious points of views).

        Basically, treat them like a friend you're keeping in touch with.

        If you build a relationship with them, they start to look at you as a friend also.

        Then they are much more likely to buy your product or take a recommendation from you.

        Also, as you'll read here, everyone has their own style of doing things. So just do what is most comfortable for you first, and then make any changes based on the results you're seeing.
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      Hi there, thank-u for your responses. While this may sound obvious we are looking to build a relationship with our customers (and prospective customers) that we will eventually be looking to monetize by marketing ours and other products to them. People will be signing up to receive useful diet and health information from us (we are going to incentivize them to do so as well with the offer of a free report or something along those lines)
      Step 1 - Build Relationship with customer by providing useful information for them.
      Step 2 - Maximize the earning potential of that relationship by marketing products to them.

      I appreciate your responses and hope this helps those who are able to share their thoughts on this matter

      **** Success does not come to those that wait and does not wait for those to come to it ****

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    If I was in the diet industry (which i'm not) then I would be contacting them everyday, encouraging them with their goals and maybe even giving them a new receipe for that day!

    Horses for courses, everyone is different you need to test and find out what works for you.

    As long as you are giving value you can email ten times a day!

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    In the weight loss niche I send 3 mails per week. I get feedback between "Your emails provide a constant reminder of my goals" and "I have to unsubscribe because I get too many emails". The latter I assume means "too many emails all together, not only from you".
    You can't please everybody, and some will always unsubscribe. But in the diet and health niche expect a lot of information and ads bombarding at your subscribers. If they sign up with you, they probably sign up to other sources as well.
    So, they get tons of mails, what means they are inclined not to read your stuff. On the other hand, you need to send out quite a few mails to stay on top of the mind of your prospects. Some of my raving fans read every mail. Most subscribers read only every 2nd to 5th (that means, I reach them approximately once a week).
    We are competing with multi-billion enterprises here.

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