Video Marketing or Articles to get more traffic?

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Which should I focus on, seems like self made videos would be alot easier. What's your thought?
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    I would do both. What you want to do is get as much exposure as you can.
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    It Really Depends. I Find Video Marketing for me.
    Ive only had 60 Views on EZA in 2 weeks compared to nearly 2k for the same article just spoken and put into a video i made in powerpoint Its really easy. Just add in that link and you should hit around 50-400+ hits per day on your website though just that video
    oh i only got 9 Hops to the Site from EZA But thats just me

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    Seems like you are trying to choose one of the marketing channel by calculating their benefits. You should understand that these two have two different perspectives. People normally prefer article marketing as they cannot make videos to market their business which is normally expensive than generating articles. If you have sources to make videos which can appeal to your audience better focus on video marketing. And at the some free time you can get articles to publish across article directories. There is no comparison between video marketing and article marketing. Youtube being one of the top visited websites on the world wide web, has numerous benefits. On the other hand article directories can bring good number of visitors and back-links to your site! So it all depends on the availability of media sources. If you can make good videos than articles then go for video marketing or its viceversa or use both to get multiple benefits! All the best!
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    Write an article...then use that exact content to make a video. Kills two birds with one stone and cuts down the amount of work you will have to do.

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      Originally Posted by petelta View Post

      Write an article...then use that exact content to make a video. Kills two birds with one stone and cuts down the amount of work you will have to do.

      I've done that. Then embed the video on top of your article page on your own site. Helps to reinforce the pitch

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    Like others have said, do both. The best strategy is a well-rounded one!

    That being said, even though you're talking to viewers instead of writing for them, videos aren't any less work than articles. You still need to do quality research and at least come up with some interesting, fresh talking points. Trying to do a video off the top of your head is like trying to write an article off the top of your head - it comes out disorganized, no matter how knowledgeable you may be on the subject.

    And, with a video, chances are that you'll have to practice. After all, no one wants to listen to a bunch of "ummms"
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    Depends if you are going for backlinks/seo or traffic directly from the article/video.
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    You could always spin PLR articles and then submit them through a cool service like SpinDistribute dot com. This is actually easier than creating videos...just my 2 cents
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      Heard of this site for the first time ever in your post and went to their site and checked them. Didn't register, but apparently the price they quote - 1.6 bucks - is amazingly low. And they seem to be distributing to a good number of top article directories also. Have you personally tried these guys? If so, how has your experience been?

      Originally Posted by sparkie2260 View Post

      You could always spin PLR articles and then submit them through a cool service like SpinDistribute dot com. This is actually easier than creating videos...just my 2 cents

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    I say both!

    good articles is really helpful for credibility..
    video get viewed more easily...and on youtube, nobodys distract you from the affiliate link right beneath your video
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    Go for the self made videos, it will help you get a reputation and personal recongition as well.
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    Yeah both has effects in their own ways! And you can contact me for your videos get done

    Of course videos can attract a large number of audience and a link on it will definitely get in a lot of traffic for you!
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      Over the last few months I have started using a lot of small mini videos as well as articles
      Which I have used for a long time have had a lot of success with the videos and I feel they are a really good way of helping with the seo on my I would do both
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        I do both, but I make the videos FROM the articles.

        Instead of separating them as their own strategy though, I lump each into a general "content syndication" strategy. You should want to put your content on so many websites that no one in your niche should go somewhere and not be able to find you.

        More exposure the better.

        So, in my opinion, you should write an article, then create a Google Presentation out of it to turn it into a slideshow that you can capture with Jing or Camtasia. Then pick up either Traffic Guyser or Magic Submitter and shoot those pieces of content out to as many sites as you can possibly syndicate to.

        Hope that helps
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    I think they answer is both too although I have not tried video marketing widley.

    I did do some for a client selling a financial product and simply converted some articles into slides presentations and added some subtle background music.

    The results where okay but not as good as article marketing for me ... however I have not fully honed my video marketing skills.

    That said I have seen posts up in the forum from people who generate major amounts of traffic through videos.
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      I would advise you to use the method you're most comfortable with...To start with.

      If you already have knowledge with article marketing then stick to it until you become an expert. This means choosing the right keywords, create eye-drawing titles and kick-ass resource boxes.

      When article marketing is consistently giving you good traffic, start to outsource it. Hire writers to follow your style and get a person to check the articles to ensure quality and submit them to directories.

      Only then should you focus on video marketing and learn that skill like you did with article marketing.

      People are jumping about too much experimenting with traffic generation. Just become an expert with one and outsource it before moving to the next. In time, you'll generate an unstoppable amount of traffic.
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  • Video marketing is a great way to market your website, it is free and easy. If you have good video editing software, you can get started right away. Here are some tips to use if you are interested in video marketing.
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    A combination of offering both article writing and videos would be best for building traffic.

    Just make sure that the content of the Articles is unique and high quality and that the video actually provides information and makes the viewer want to click on the link in the description.

    Basic stuff I know but its amazing how so many people simply wont do this!
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    Both methods are great for marketing your offer online. Write content and submit it to article directories and then simply convert that article into video.

    Yes, you can get more traffic to your videos because of the reach of this media. But creating videos can be sometimes very tricky and time consuming. You are not guaranteed to get targeted traffic to your website because of several issues.

    1) Your video should be very creative in your presentation and should attract the viewer's attention to your website link at the end.

    2) Your presentation style and your content should be very solid so that viewers keep watching till the end of the video.

    If you are real good at achieving above two factors then you can really make a killing online with your videos.

    On the other side, article marketing is somewhat more time consuming but can be equally rewarding if you put your efforts into right direction.

    There are several factors come into picture when going the article marketing route:

    1) Your writing style

    2) Your headline and your article body

    3) Your Resource box

    4) Your landing pages

    You need to maximize your performance for all the above factors. If you think you can handle these things really well then article marketing is the best route for you.

    But you can try both methods to test. Testing and tracking is always an important factor in IM. Plus these methods work differently for different niches.

    So try them both at any given time and find out their effectiveness for different niches.
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    Originally Posted by yankforlife41 View Post

    Which should I focus on, seems like self made videos would be alot easier. What's your thought?
    I have heard that people who watch videos and stuff are not as convinced as people who read articles. Fewer people would click on your videos on Youtube and come to your site than those reading articles at in my experience
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    I remember reading a stat recently like Youtube got over 60 Billion views in the month of August....

    With that- i agree with people above saying both- but i would focus more on video marketing these days..
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