Hire Someone to Spin Articles with InstantArticleFacory.com. How mch?

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Hi Warriors,

Just want to check, what is the market price for hiring a writer to spin articles with spinning software like Jon Leger's Instant Article Factory?

No need to write any article as the original articles will be provided. They just need to spin the article with syntax.

How much would you pay for each article being spun?

Kindly advice.

Thanks, Warriors.

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    Instant Articles Factory's main purpose is to create article not spin articles. The Best Spinner is made for that.
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    For new article 500 words $4.00 to $5.00 on freelancerguru.com
    For spining article tru bestarticlespiner $0.50 to $1.00
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    Thanks guys, I found writers from vWorker to spin my articles with the Best Spinner.

    I bought wrongly, but since Instant Article Factory has the same spinning feature, so I have been using that to spin article.

    I do keyword research, even for the huge product launches.

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      Figure out an hourly wage that you would think fair, and then figure out how long it will take them to do a task, and pay accordingly...

      If they can do it faster, more power to them, because they will perceive a higher hourly wage than you intended...

      If they are slower than you calculated, then they will want to step up their game to earn that fair wage you intended for them...
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    It's important to get the article spinning done by
    manually rewriting the phrases and sentences instead
    of just changing synonyms. From my experience I
    have found that it's very difficult to achieve very
    readable spun articles by using only synonyms... yes,
    even with a good tool like TheBestSpinner. So, I
    always go with rewriting phrases, sentences and/or
    paragraphs to achieve excellently done spinning,

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    So they EARN while they LEARN

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