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Hello All.

I have an offline client that is interested in marketing their product online. This is what they want:
  • A page keyword optimized that will drive customers to watch their webinar and either contact them by submitting their contact information for a free report or by calling a toll-free number therefore building a list.
  • Facebook ads targeting a certain demographic with the call to action to visit their page as noted above and take the same set of actions.
  • Put together a list of florists, wedding planners etc that may want to sell their product and send them information.

I can do all this. That's not a problem, but have no idea what to tell them it will cost. I know what MY costs will be to set everything up but do you guys happen to have any guidelines as to what I should quote these people?


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    So, if I understand you correctly...

    You will be creating:
    • 1 page website
    • Lead capture mechanism to collect contact info
    • Copy for multiple Facebook advertisments
    • Keyword/Demographic research for Facebook ads
    • Compiling a list of...
    Here are my thoughts on this, straight out of the gate:

    The single page site, including lead capture and list management ($125-$500), then $30-$100 per month maintenance

    Facebook Ads ($25-$75 each), then add $100-$200 per month for split-testing/maintainence the whole lot

    Compiling the list (variable): I would head over to sales genie and take whatever their cost is and add 20%.

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    Do you have an hourly rate?

    If you want to price it by the project - calculate the time it takes you x your hourly rate

    This is generally easier to do then to tell people what your hourly rate is. Most people don't want to pay more than $10 per hour and if they see your hourly rate is higher than that, it becomes all about the rate and not about the work.

    When you factor in the time don't forget the time you would spend conversing back and forth with the client. Add that time into your price.

    Its easy to forget that talking to people or writing emails takes up a large portion of your day. At the end of the day when you look at "billable" hrs, you'll find you haven't made much.

    Getting back in the grove after taking a year off following a family tragedy.

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      Originally Posted by Michael William View Post

      I normally outsource and double. No work and easy profits.
      Nice! I like it.
      Signature Equiping Christ-Centered Entrepreneurs to Launch their own Business.
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    Autoresponder is a powerful tool and targeted ads on facebook require expertise and copy writing skills, so don't undercharge. If you bring them a lot of leads with these campaigns, raise the price. make sure to keep track of the leads and where they are coming from... Calculate the life time value of the customer, and charge them either per lead you bring (depends on the lifetime value of customer) or a percentage per lead you convert (start with 10% or so if you are brand new to this) Either way percentage is the way to go. You can charge a monthly fee initially but I strongly recommend switchign to percentages once you get solid results.
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    500 with a small monthly fee would be a generous price.
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    What is the cost of their product/service?
    What is the estimated margin on that product/service?
    How many products/service packages are they selling per month today?
    How many could they be selling after you implement your solution?

    Take those numbers and figure out what your client's upside is and then charge them anywhere from 25%-50% of what their increased sales will be per month.

    That is just one way to go... plenty of other options too.
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