How To Deliver Your Information Product? Do you protect it?

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I have an information product I have placed on Clickbank.

It is a PDF, a few videos, and a couple audio files, and I place it in 1 zip file.

My question for you guys - is how to deliver this file once someone has paid? Do you guys let people download the zip from somewhere on your server? Do you bother password protecting a directory? Do you make a members site?

Is there a free way to have a members section that has generated passwords?

My concerns are basically people sharing the link. Maybe I shouldn't worry about such things and let the stealers steal?

Looking for your input, hopefully from people with experience.
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    Immediately after purchase, my site automatically sends them what they bought via email.

    If they didn't receive it, it got corrupted, whatever, there is a form on my site they can visit where they plug in their PayPal transaction number the product(s) they purchased are sent to their browser as a download.

    After that they are locked out of the product any more unless they email me directly saying they are still having problems.
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      Originally Posted by GameVoid View Post

      Immediately after purchase, my site automatically sends them what they bought via email.
      But email can only accomodate so much data. Create a database with member login and password... Provide the data in the members area. Keep an eye on how many IP addresses are accessing it so it's not shared.
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    Yes, you have many options. This subject has been discussed a lot on this forum.

    Try doing a search and you'll find LOTS of information.
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    People will steal.

    The free way of minimizing is to make sure the
    backend is profitable and the backend can only
    be obtained from you.

    Talk to you later,
    Jerry Reeder
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    I use DLGuard, they only have a certain amount of time to download the files (you set the time limit) and you can also set a limit to how many times they can download the file. Once the time or the download limit is used up the customer can't even access the download link so they can't pass it on to others.

    It is costly to purchase DLGuard at first, but it's worth it if you are going to have a solid business selling your products.
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      I'm also very happy DLguard.

      If it's too costly for now, you could set up a WP blog and put the download on a password protected page of that blog. On that page, you could further disguise the download link with a plug-in like this:

      WordPress › WordPress Download Monitor WordPress Plugins
      (no affiliate link - it's free anyway)


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        There are many download solutions, some good ones have already been suggested in the thread.

        Yes, you need to protect your link and prevent it's distribution.

        Just don't forget that when the product itself is downloaded, it can be passed on and on and on.

        Different tactics are needed to deal with that.

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          This question was answered in the private forum. In fact someone posted an app for free that does exactly what you are asking a couple of days ago.

          I guess it is not free if you have to join the private forum, but I guarantee you will reap the benefits of doing so.

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    You should use DLGuard to protect your downloads. The link can expire after a given set of time. You're right in your thoughts of protecting your downloads. It's a concern for any digital product seller.
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    Another recommendation for DLGuard.

    DLGuard will automatically direct your customers to their
    download page. More importantly, it will also conceal your
    download links securely so no one can pass them along.

    What's more, DLGuard is offered by a fellow Warrior, Sam
    Stephens and he gives great support too.

    Dedicated to your success,



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    I've been using E-Junkie very successfully for some time now and that's another option for you.

    It integrates with Clickbank as well as a series of other processors and also has an in built affiliate management service.

    The big plus is it's quite cheap.
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