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Hi Fellow Warriors,

I recently started a newsletter and before I did I surveyed my list to find out what they want to learn about.

The majority of my subscribers had no list and want to know step by step how to start making money online.

Well, I made this into the first issue of my newsletter and here is what I showed them....

First of all, the way I did this was by FINALLY getting an autoresponder. I NEVER thought that building a list was important and then I decided to sign up to Getresponse.com and give it a shot. Wow, was I wrong. I soon realized that building a list is the MOST important part of an online business, aside from traffic of course.

1. Sign up for an autoresponder, Getresponse.com or Aweber.com

2. Find or create a free gift - I personally choose to make my own free gifts as PDF downloads. I just open up a word document, type out the report and then convert it to a PDF using freepdfconvert.com
Then I upload it to my server.

3. Create a squeeze page - Either use blinkweb.com or if you know how to make websites then you should be able to make a squeeze page

4. Find an OTO - a one time offer

There is a huge debate regarding this method, but I find it to work quite well. Some people say you shouldn't try and sell anything for a few weeks but here is what I do...

I also created my own OTO, but you can check out master-resale-rights.com and find good stuff there to use as your OTO, just make sure you can put your name on the sales page.

Now, here is the tricky part that I think many people don't get right.
You want to add the URL of your OTO to your autoresponder so that when someone signs up for your list then are taken immediately to your OTO.

I always put something at the top like, "THANK YOU for requesting your free "title" report. It should arrive in your email inbox in about 10 minutes, in the meantime check this out...."

Then have something stating that the OTO is discounted

Now, it is really up to you, but I find that OTO's sell more when priced lower like under $20. Just depends on the offer though.

Once I started doing this I saw a huge increase in my income each month.

Also, since building a list and giving away free stuff to my subscribers all of the time I saw a huge increase in affiliate commissions as well.

In conclusion, I focus on list building every single day. Yes, of course, I still do other things like write articles, build links, facebook ads, but it all ties back to building a list.

I put my squeeze page URL on everything I do online.

I hope this helps anyone looking to make more money online
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    No prob - and apologies, I forgot an ingredient - TRAFFIC

    Here is how I get traffic every single day - list swaps or ad swaps!

    First you need to establish your list and get a good idea of how many clicks you can generate when you send an email to your list.

    In oder to establish your list you will want to get a good 500 to 1000 subscribers on your list and then you can approach people to start doing ad swaps.

    This works because the person you are swapping with will tell their list that your free offer is very good and they should sign up for it.

    Chances are that some people will purchase your OTO and when they do, you make money!!

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      Originally Posted by b.super13 View Post

      No prob - and apologies, I forgot an ingredient - TRAFFIC


      "Oh... by the way ... I forgot TRAFFIC."

      I laughed out loud when I read that Bryan. Know you weren't trying to be funny.

      But, a lot of people leave out that minor element, eh?

      Thanks for a cool post. Bet it helps someone.


      JP Maroney
      aka "Mr. Monetizer"
      ---->>> FREE Training Video: "How I Sold $110K Of Big Ticket Coaching & Consulting In 67-Minutes With A Promotion That Cost Less Than $100 ... And How You Can Too!" http://www.JPMaroney.com/110k -- It's FREE ... My Gift!
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    Very good info on the price point for the OTO, I will have to set something up like this. Just curious, what was your traffic generation method initially, before you had a list for ad and list swaps?
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      dang - apparently I forgot that as well

      prior to ad swaps what I did was post classified ads, write articles, guest blog, and submit press releases.

      I did this for a solid 2 weeks - every single day and I got over 1000 subs

      Here is what I did every day:

      a. submit 5 articles to ezinearticles.com
      b. submit 3 press releases - normally to free-press-release.com and pressreleasespider.com and pressbox.co.uk/
      c. submit 5 ads to usfreeads.com and 3 ads to craigslist.com
      d. this one was tough - find blogs in my niche and make guest posts - at least I searched for some every day - I didn't actually get to guest blog every day

      Hope that is more clear

      Originally Posted by alsmith1 View Post

      Very good info on the price point for the OTO, I will have to set something up like this. Just curious, what was your traffic generation method initially, before you had a list for ad and list swaps?
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      Originally Posted by alsmith1 View Post

      Very good info on the price point for the OTO, I will have to set something up like this. Just curious, what was your traffic generation method initially, before you had a list for ad and list swaps?
      Good post. List building is the way to go.

      As far as getting to the point of 500 subscribers, you can do all those free methods and you definitely should. But, so many people struggle to get this initial traffic to the point where they get 500 subscribers. Most quit before they even get to this point.

      For $150-$200 you can purchase a large enough solo ad or enough smaller solo ads so that you have 500 subscribers today. I know many can't afford an extra $200, but you really can...especially if you have the OTO in place. I have yet to purchase a solo ad where I didn't make more money in return from my OTO. That's not even including the sales made down the road.

      So, you can start building traffic the free way and spend the next couple weeks to months getting 500 subscribers or you can invest some money today and have 500 subscribers tomorrow while you get your money back.

      Don't even have $200? Go to Fiverr and do 5 tasks a day that take you 10 minutes each...that's an hour a day of work. In the end, I bet it would take you less time to earn $200 from fiverr then it would to build 500 subscribers to your list....at least when you are starting from the beginning.

      Once you have the option to do some quality ad swaps (500-1000 responsive subscribers), you really have no excuse not to make as much money as you want.

      TEESPRING Student Rakes In Over $116k In Less Than 3 Months
      Niche Pro Profits - How I raked in OVER $120k in 9 months with authority niche sites...

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    Nice! Almost looks "easy"
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    hahah -yeah - I was just busy posting here, doing my blog, replying to email and sending out other emails when I wrote this

    I really should start writing an entire post in a word doc and proofreading it - oh well - I fit it in there

    I agree with you - lots of people leave the important part out - TRAFFIC !
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    Thanks a lot for this!
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    Travis brings up a very good point. If you have the money, then check around for solo ads and buy one. If you can get 1000+ clicks to your squeeze page and your page converts at 50% then yes, that is 500 subscribers in 1 day. Then you will have enough to start doing swaps.

    Nice tip Travis
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