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So much research but the Warrior responses are amazing, thanks to everybody here for helping me in various threads!!!

Ok, so in the process of creating my diet eBook program I'm at the point where I have to decide what to charge for it.

Sales Funnel I'll be using:

1. Drive traffic through SEO, Articles, Videos, niche forums, niche blogs, etc. The usual grind. All traffic routed to my eBook sales page.

2. Sell eBook, with single redirect and upsell of a niche-related (but not overlapping) affiliate product at a higher price point after payment for eBook is processed.

3. Add customer to buyer email list.

4. Daily autoresponder emails to buyer list comprised of 300 to 500 words of quality niche-related information or advice. Every third day present an affiliate product that I truthfully endorse or recommend (and has a recurring sales model of course) to list for purchase.

5. Repeat: Continue to drive traffic, continue to sell book and grow buyer list, continue to build quality relationship along with monetizing email list.

In this model, what sort of price should I charge for the eBook? It's a unique book in a crowded category, not PLR, and I'm an authority on the subject. Which makes me think it justifies a $30-$35 price tag.

However, to get the most people to impulse an eBook requires a much lower price point, typically in the in the $17-19 category.

I don't want to shortchange my buyer list growth, which is the true priority, simply by being overpriced on the book. But I also don't want to give it away either as I've seen too many market research points that show buyers don't value a product, and thus won't purchase it, unless they feel its price point is in the right prestige zone.

Price your dog training book at $5 and no one will buy it. It's crap, why else would it be $5? Price it at $50 and no one will buy it. Way too much, I can get that info for less. Price it in that magic "value" zone and...SOLD.

Since the list grows more quickly with a higher volume of sales I'm tempted to launch at $19.95, but I wanted to hear from the pros first as I might be missing something badly.

Thanks in advance everyone!
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    Hey Catherine,

    The niche that you are in is competitive and in order to differentiate you need to build your business based on your personality and you'll easily be able to charge more money.

    There are hundreds (thousands?) of people selling $19-$50 ebooks in your niche and even though you will achieve success with your plan if you'll be persistent, here's what I would recommend.

    Instead of driving visitors directly to the sales page, focus on building a list (I promise this post won't be your usual "build a list BS").

    To make the maths easy lets say that you're getting hundred people to visit your website of which at least 30% enter their email address to get the bribe.

    That's 30 subscribers per day, 900 per month.

    Now with these subscribers start sharing your story, position yourself differently in the market (US VS. Them?), give proof that the stuff you are offering actually works and then instead of creating a simple ebook, create a multimedia product: Few videos, few audios, add the ebook and price it at least $197.

    Most importantly use risk reversal and you'll make a lot of money.

    I am doing these kinds of "mini-launches" every month and I'm happy with ze results.

    Best of luck
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    Thanks Neptune, good advice. I've thought about the buyer list versus freebie list pros and cons, right now the freebie list doesn't work for my more immediate needs.

    I'll eventually go to it as I've got a great squeeze page and giveaway product primed and ready though!

    For now though I want as many tests of the sales page as possible to lock down a conversion rate with a large enough control group to see if it's adequate. My first one haha!
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    dont ask for opinions, they aren't going to matter....

    the right way to do this would be to split test 3 (or how ever many you want) different pricepoints and let the numbers tell you what works best.

    “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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    Hi Catherine

    Both the responses you have received are excellent, and it's a great question too - pricing is one of the most challenging aspects of product creation. Here is how I'd tie the two answers together:

    Keep the price on the web site at what you consider to be the high end. Build a list, but don't give anything away (unless you are ready with your freebie right now).

    Instead offer a 10 or 12 part e-mail course that you deliver daily, each with a quick exercise or diet tip. You can quickly make these up from the text of your product, or from the notes you made while building it. Load them into your autoresponder service for automated delivery.

    During the course you can make occasional pitches for your product - nothing big, and not in every lesson. Focus on giving good content. When people see the quality of your work it will justify a higher price tag.

    Keep your product priced high on the web site, and then offer it to your subscribers (in one of the later lessons of your course) at a discount. See if the lower price turns them into buyers.

    And then treat those buyers like gold, send them tips and freebies when you can. They will be the ideal customers for the video series that logically should follow your books.

    Best of luck with your site!

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    Your plan sounds good and with persistence i think you can make it work. Since you are an authority in your niche, i supposed an introductory price of $24.95 is a good start. 30 of these in a month and you'll bank $750. That's a good start to pay off some bills. Just my 2 cents.
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