Have you sucessfully *launched* a product - and how?

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I'm about to launch a training program to my list and curious if anyone can suggest some steps that will help the launch be a success.

If you've personally launched a product before and have words of wisdom to share - I'd LOVE to hear from you.

Thanks a lot,

:: jenn ::
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    - does your list respect you?
    - do you have good relationship with your list?
    - do you share good content with your list?
    - how often do you email your list?
    - is your list reponsive...in the sense they've emailed you in the past with general comments or whatever?

    All that will be a good indicator as to how well you're launch will go.


    Get your list excited by telling them around 5 days before the launch that your product is coming.

    Give them the date and time of launch.

    Have a countdown timer on your site that builds the drama to the opening event.

    Let them see the sales page before launch, i.e. 5 days before - including the FULL price.

    Tell your list that they will get a discount link that is around HALF of what you're going to sell to the public for.

    Provide your list with that discount link and make sure you say that it's only going to be available for X HOURS/X DAYS.

    - make sure you stick to your deadline. no funny business.

    Email your list again the next day or two after with more info about your launch. Tell them the benefits and what it can do for them.

    Email again a day later with some review comments you've had about the product. Answer any questions or objections you think or know they may have.

    Email again on launch day with the discount link.

    - having a blog during this time would be good...so they can enter comments and feel like they are taking active part in the whole process.

    Hope that helps for now.

    Adeel Chowdhry
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    This is VERY helpful. Luckily, my list is responsive and we have a great relationship - I email 2-3 times per week.

    Do you suggest a certain countdown timer?

    That sounds like a great idea to implement.

    Thanks so much

    (still open to other suggestions too!)

    :: jenn ::
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    I recently did a free WSO which was a case study on a successful internal launch - http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...-revealed.html
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    Thanks Ron - just subscribed to receive your free report!
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    Sorry if I sound the way I do but a launch is not just something that you promote and stop.

    A launch is probably the best way to get all the data that you need for future launches and more.

    Besides doing all the JV stuff, countdown timers, emails for marketing etc to be successful, you also need to track lot of information like-

    Conversion Tracking -
    - How many people are visiting your sales page and how many are actually buying your product.
    - Where are all these people coming for?
    - What browsers are they using?
    - What all are they doing on your site ... How much time are they spending, etc

    Split Testing
    - Is your sales page converting well, why not try a couple variations and see which one does better. The best split testing can be done during the initial launch because you get a lot of traffic to test your sales page.

    I am working on a product that does all this and a lot more, but I guess I'll be launching it after you so see if you could find some good tools to gather data and try to convert as many visitors as possible ...

    Just think - if your product is for $10 ... every 10 visitors who don't convert is a 100 dollar loss to you.

    Countdown timer is good idea .... you can get a JavaScript that does that for you.

    Additionally try and find a exit popup script that asks your visitors to signup or bookmark or if possible - sell ... when they try to exit your page. All About conversions.

    Will think of more and PM you ...

    Raakesh (Blokh)
    Raakesh.com - My Web Presence. All about me and my products.
    LongTailMagic.com - Analytics Software helps you track actual search terms and other visitor information.
    InstantLP.com - Generate high Quality Score landing pages with just a few clicks.

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    Thanks Jamie, I'll check it out!
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    Wow, Blokh, I totally appreciate your suggestions.

    Direction for tools to use for split tracking and countdown timers etc. would be MUCH appreciated.

    I "get" what you're saying....just looking for some direction in terms of tools.

    Thanks Everyone - I'm stoked
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      LOL There really isn't much I can add to the great advice here. I recently launched a product to my list and had very positive results.

      I did not have much of a countdown, though. I might have done it differently given another chance. :rolleyes:

      Just wanted to say good luck!
      "Fate protects fools, little children, and ships called Enterprise." ~Commander Riker
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    Thanks Shay - glad to hear your launch was successful!
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      Hi Jenn,

      I've done extremely well with launches and have been very fortunate to witness behind the scenes some of the biggest ones done in history on the net. Was even crowned a Product Launch Specialist by Jeff Walker himself.

      I'd suggest reading Trey's blog post here as it offers some great insights...

      Trey Smith Blog: Why some launches fail.

      Best of luck.

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    I'm assuming you saw all Jeff Walker's free stuff, right? If not, get over to his site and sign up and you'll get all kinds of great insights into product launching. The guy basically invented the online infoproduct product launch. Here's the site:

    Product Launch Formula

    Good luck,
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