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When you start a site in a new niche, it takes time to create your blog or site and then have content for it.

One of the things that a lot of people say they can't do is put an opt in on the site because they have nothing to give.

Wrong. You can get very cheap PLR which you can use. You can then look at the rights of those and use them.

But what if you can't afford PLR or don't have the time to rewrite it. Is there an alternative way . What about this as an different way.

But if you want to do it the free way then you should look at - Custom Reports Just For You

They are an article directory, and you select your keywords and they show you the relevant articles. You can then select some of those articles, suggest you read them first, and the site will put them all together into a pdf.

You can't change any of the links in the pdf but you can give the report away.

No more excuses, you can get an unique report for free and it take no more than 10 mins to do.

Why do I say unique, simple do you really think that if you have a choice of 100 + articles on a topic that everybody is going to choose the same articles in the same order? Well maybe if you are lazy and just grab the first in the list.

Now what's the next excuse for you not building a list or running a business?
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