Does Anyone Know Anything About Backpage Auto Poster?

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Hey guys,

I was doing some marketing on some classified ad sites, and I heard a fellow marketer say something about Backpage AutoPoster. I have never used it, nor ever really needed it, but I looked into it. Does anybody have any feedback about the software?


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    You could go on google search : backpage autposter.
    Dont know which one works.
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      Hi Robert,

      At the moment, as far as i know, there are no proven and effective autoposter available in the market - yet.

      There are individuals whom you can outsource the work (up to 20 cities) at - do check it out.

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        I have some experience with them. My experience was unpleasant. But that has nothing to do with you.

        First, it will do all the things that they promise and it really works. The software is perfect and will submit to BP no problem. So, what is the problem?

        You computer has to stay on the same IP address. If for some some reason you turn off your high speed cable box and your ISP gives you another IP address your are F***.

        They might reset it one time but after that they will try to charge you.

        Now, if you go to your ISP and ask for "Static IP" address they will charge you an arm and a leg. That is the problem I had with them.

        I'm a big fan of BackPage and place ads everyday but use another software company. They are more expensive, but worth every penny and you don't have to have a "Static IP" address.
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    I purchased it but never got a chance to use it. i was told that Craigslist had changed it's algorithms ( i hope i spelled it right ) after contacting support and telling them that my serial was not functional. They said that they were working on a solution which has been at least a month ago, but i have not received any info as to whether there was an update, so i just sent another email to support.
    I spent 97.00 on the software and never got a chance to use it. I am not saying it does not perform, I am just saying that after my purchase, Craigslist made it defunct, and I am now trying to find out if they can remedy the situation.
    I know they will not refund me, because that time has expired, but I never got the chance to use the software. When I decided to implement it, that was when I found out it was dead in the water, and much to my dismay, I had spent 97.00 for it (nothing). If they find a solution, I will repost the info in a better light, and remove this one, but for now, i am displeased.

    My software has been replaced with the new Backpage AutoPoster Lite. I am happy with the software's performance and I would recommend it.
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    I had a vendor from fiverr get me 99 posts throughout the US on Backpage so that may continue to be the best solution for me. Takes a little time to get set up but definitely a good gig.
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    I can't comment on the Backpage Auto-poster
    software you're referring to...

    ...but I am personally using software working
    for me like a dream.

    In fact...

    ...the software I use is the ONLY reason I do
    any level of free advertising *whatsoever*.


    Because free marketing is NEVER free.

    You DO pay...

    ...and you pay heavily with your time.

    Not to mention running the RISK of getting little
    to no results.

    I would rather invest MONEY and get NO results,
    then do FREE advertising and not KNOW for days
    ...weeks...maybe MONTHS if I got ANY results.

    With the Backpage auto-poster software I use...

    ...I think I got a little lucky because I don't
    have any of those negative experiences people
    usually talk about with classifieds or any other
    free advertising because I never did it...

    ...until now that it's totally automated.

    I know there are a LOT of them out there, and
    it's hard to choose one, but it's important you
    choose ONE.

    I don't care about the others because what I
    use does it all for me without thinking too much.

    I like that.


    ...just sharing MY experiences using my Backpage
    auto-poster software.

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    Be careful of auto posting to backpage. I personally would not do it because I am sure there are rules about that and if you get caught you could be banned from posting there. Let face it Backpage is a an awesome site for traffic, so you probably do not wish to use that method as it could come back to bite you.
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