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Hi everyone, my name is danny. I am trying a new way to make money least new to me! I made a blog page about one of my favorite subjects; alcohol; with and am now waiting to get traffic. I heard that the best way to get traffic is to make a bunch of posts with keywords and just wait for them to hit the search engines. Is this correct or not. I just want people to read my posts and respond and just have fun there. Please give me some advice on how to get people there! Any help would be appreciated greatly. If anyone here wants to check it out, the url is
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    Here you go the first backlink to your site. Now as you have keywords list ready you should start submitting your site to,
    1- Web Directories
    2- Write an Article and include keyword with link to your site, submit to Article Directories
    3- Comment on do-follow blogs
    4- Press Rleases (Annouce your site)

    Many other ways but these are basic anybody will recommend you.
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