How fast is too fast? Reality Check?

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I have a project that I want to tackle and I am the type of person who seems to always see the good side of things. I may need a reality check on this one.

The project involves one of the current hot topics of local niche promotion or internet consulting for local businesses. I believe I can do all of the work properly for each company in relatively short time frame, 1-2 days(heavy use of tools and software) with minor tweaks as time passes.

I guess my question is, what happens if I were to stumble upon 50 people(cash in hand) in the same industry wanting these services(in different communities). How would I be able to manage that? Outsourcing would play a key role.

How fast can you go from doing everything yourself to "mass production" in this field?

I searched but didn't really find anything. Is there anyone here who offers help or consulting on this type of thing?

Thanks for your time
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