A Strategy for Making Big Bucks With Clickbank

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While perusing Clickbank's marketplace, I wondered whether someone had already come up with a business idea where they contact all the highest gravity vendors they can get their hands on, and then offer to do a full program translation from English into, say, Spanish...and then agree to split revenue on the translated program. Seems like a no-brainer. Or has this already been beaten to death?
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    It's great idea... Atleast I have not heard someone experimenting it.

    - Pradeep
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    Huh. Do you believe non-English speakers do not care about the same basic things as native English speakers? Like making money and being healthy and that kind of thing?

    I find that odd.
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    It would be a great for product owners who don't have the capital to pay upfront for a translator.
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      One example of a vendor who does this is Mike Geary and his Truth About Abs program.

      It's available in English, French, German and Spanish. And the gravities for each version are quite good...

      So, seems to work well.

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