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There may not be a straightforward answer, but...

I'm just musing: how would someone with not much experience in the field of Resell Rights how would one recognise a quality "Resell Rights" product package; roughly what sort of price range would reflect good quality material?

...since, prior to purchasing second (experienced) opinions are not an option!

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    I'll try to answer this...

    Quality can be shown in a variety of ways. For example:

    1. What's the background of the person you're buying from? Do they have real-life experience in the niche?

    2. Do they have samples provided on the site?

    3. Do they have verifiable, trustworthy testimonials? What do they say exactly?

    4. What's their guarantee? The stronger the guarantee, the more confident the provider is. (For example, with my PLR product, I have a 100% guarantee... and a 200% guarantee: Personal Development Private Label Content (PLR) )

    Then finally, there's a "word of mouth" factor as well... places like these forums and other sites online always have people ranting or raving. You can always post a message here on the forum asking what others think of the product/service.

    Hope this helps

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