The old Google Keyword tool seems to be gone for good

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Just today I noticed that the old Google Keyword tool seems to be gone for good. So far I was able to access it through a link on the new interface (switch to the old interface in the upper right). I also had a direct link that doesn't work anymore.

I really don't like the new tool, since it shows way less keywords. Anyone knows a way to get the old tool back?
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    Oh no, I just tried the link I have bookmarked it your right, it now goes to the new tool. I preferred the old one too
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    Ha ha ha, I also kind of liked the old tool, but
    somehow have been getting used to the new
    one. It's time we all learned to let the old
    give way to the new,

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      Yeah it really sucks. Not only does it show less keywords, it also shows more random BS in a much more random order...
      Oh well, I guess we have no choice but to get used to it now :rolleyes:
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