Xboxes and Back ends..

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No I'm not talking about your posterior I'm thinking about your backend type products...

I't a subject I've been thinking about a lot since last night after buying my grandchildren an Xbox.

At 52 years old xboxes are not something I'm desperately familier with but I know Adam my six year old grandson loves them so thought I'd go buy him (and Jesssica my grandaughter who's 4) one between them. Keep em happy when they come to see me now the nights are drawing in and its too miserable to play out.

Had the brand new 250GB one on offer at Tescos for £189 (aprox $300) so thought I'd pick one up and a few games last night...

My God have you seen the price of Xbox games, The cheapest I could find was about 30 quid (nearly $50) and they went up in price something crazy.

I ended up getting them just the one between them (I hope you like car racing Jessica) at a cost of £40. (well over $60). I was too mean to buy any more.

Reminds of of those little machines you can get for diabetics to prick their finger and test their blood sugar levels). They sell really cheaply, yet the little sticks you have to buy to use them cost an arm and a leg.

Point I'm making is this, If you've got a product you could sell as a bit of a loss leader, you could probaly clean up on related stuff to go with it.

I'd love to hear ideas from people on how they would go about doing this

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    It doesn't end there Kim... you have to subscribe to Xbox Live to get the most from the games.
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      OMG Don't tell me it's gonna cost me even more


      Originally Posted by Louise Evans View Post

      It doesn't end there Kim... you have to subscribe to Xbox Live to get the most from the games.
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        Originally Posted by Kim Standerline View Post

        OMG Don't tell me it's gonna cost me even more

        xBox Live Gold is really only needed if they are going to play online, against others.

        You also need xBox Live Gold if you want to use NetFlix streaming, but other than that, I don't think there's many reasons to have Gold....if they are just going to be playing the games by themselves, or against each other, there's no need for Gold, which runs about $50/year.
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    Yea theres Xbox live which really makes the xbox fun
    But When you play online with friends and they play one game it will last a few months cause most people just play the multiplayer and never get sick of it ,Like halo reach,halo 3,Modern warefare 2

    Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb - The windy day is not the day for thatching.

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    Here in the US, Xerox company gives away full-color computer printers (Xerox Phaser), but only if you know where to get them. Xerox FreeColorPrinters | Color Printer Business Printing Solutions (not affiliated)

    I first heard about this at a professional photographer's convention, and quickly began using one for photo proofing and newsletter printing.

    If you can print at least 2,000 pages per month, the printer is free, and Xerox makes their money by selling the special wax toner. At the end of 3 years the printer is yours to keep. I have two of them now that are mine.

    BTW it doesn't matter what colors you print, or how much toner coverage you use on a page to get to your 2,000 pages a month -2 sided printing counts as 2 pages. I guess you could print a single word on a page.

    I was spending about $400 per month on toner and printing around 5,000 pages each month - much of that photo proofing, which uses a lot more toner than does printing a letter.

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    If you get Xbox live, then you'll be open to spend even more as expansion packs, new maps, etc to the games you bought are sold on there. So you'll probably end up buying a couple expansions to the games you bought. i.e. Modern Warfare 2 sold for $59 and the expansion packs cost about $20 a piece and there's been 2 so you $59 game now turns into $99! Not obligatory to buy, but you'll have your grand son and daughter nagging you for it
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    Hey Kim

    My brother just recently brought Halo Reach, and I suddenly realized how all these games are ultimately a way of selling Microsoft's online service, XBox Live... which costs about $60 a year. In other words, you can't really play the game in its full glory, unless you're "live".

    Microsoft really know about backend selling
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