What's your success story?

by TonyAG
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I don't have one yet... but inspiration from other stories is always great.

How did you start off? Where are you now?

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    I started with freelancing (2yrs ago)...webdesign and writing. It was great to see first money rolling into my PayPal account. After then I started few WSO's and made great money with it...well, now I'm doing some webdesign again and think about new projects
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    After 18 years in the gas station business, I joined Carbon Copy Pro in 2007 to learn Internet Marketing, after 6 months of learning, I opened my own Internet Marketing company in April 2008. Still very active in both. I now get hired to manage Internet Marketing campaigns for small to large corporations. I also get asked to speak at Interner Marketing conferences.
    This industry is much more fun and profitable than gas stations.

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
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      After graduating with a bachelor degree in business administration with a focus on management information systems, I started out as a web developer in the corporate IT world, which was just OK to start with.

      After 5 years I found myself getting bored with the same routine weekday after weekday. I couldn't help but think there had to be something better than a 6 x 6 cubical, right?

      I had started a couple ecommerce sites of my own on the side a couple years back, which lead to the need to research different strategies for promoting them in search engines. That is how I stumbled onto the Warrior Forum, and it's changed my life BIG TIME!

      I read more and more into the different types of internet marketing strategies. One in particular caught my eye and totally made sense, article marketing. So I started writing articles for my ecommerce sites and wouldn't you know after writing a number of articles, I started seeing results. I then combined the power of article marketing with other IM strategies and was able to get both of my sites to page 1 of the big G. Awesome!

      After that I created a handful of other sites and promoted them to page one of G with the same techniques, and soon realized the potential that existed outside of the cubical that I had been stuck in.

      Along the way I also found that I could help those in need of quality content for their own sites as well, so I starting writing articles for others and really enjoy it!

      Long story short, I left the corporate IT life about 4 months ago and am now running my own business which brings in a comfortable full-time income. My business activities include managing my own ecommerce sites, developing new product sites for myself and others, and writing articles/content for other wonderful clients worldwide!
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      Originally Posted by sdentrepreneur View Post

      After 18 years in the gas station business, I joined Carbon Copy Pro in 2007 to learn Internet Marketing, after 6 months of learning, I opened my own Internet Marketing company in April 2008. Still very active in both. I now get hired to manage Internet Marketing campaigns for small to large corporations. I also get asked to speak at Interner Marketing conferences.
      This industry is much more fun and profitable than gas stations.
      I almost looked you up when I was in SD last winter. Ran out of time. (stalking FK in La Jolla, My niece lives a couple blocks from him. Lol). Maybe next time I am out that way we can grab a cup of coffee?
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        Hi, I was journalist by profession, but now in internet marketing. By just searching I found the way of internet marketing and now I am writing my success story. Since three years I am in internet marketing. Learning various things. Facing lot of failuare now I am earning as affiliate commision and e-bay seller.

        My success formula is 'Stick to one system till success!''

        - Pradeep
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    I started devoting a lot of my time and energy into internet marketing (I dabbled a bit before, but nothing serious) eight months ago, and I just made my first $100 day (all from free traffic, so it's pure profit too). I get all my traffic through SEO, it took months of efforts to get ranked for my first decent keyword, but now I can look back and say that it was totally worth it!

    I'm seeing nice results with affiliate sites, now I'm on the process of working on a couple of products of my own, so I can start building my own affiliates and customer list. Meanwhile, I'm still building new sites and working on getting them ranked: it's much easier now, because now I KNOW (rather than hope) that my work will pay off after some months.

    Don't give up!
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    I attribute my achievements to creating products that solve peoples problems.

    Pure and simple.

    This business (IMHO) is about placing your offer in front of people then trying to convince them that it will solve their pain and their specific problem and improve their life in some way.

    Coming from a background of serving the public I was driven to meet and exceed peoples needs and expectations. I used to work in hospitality (luxury hotels) up to management level plus I spent a few years in commercial kitchens as a chef where I learned to 'hold my own.'

    I worked for a very fiery head chef for a couple of years and I was one of the very few that stood up to him.

    Sorry I digress...

    I like to think I've carried across my customer service skills, a good understanding of people and what makes them tick, plus I realised very early on the importance of leverage in this business... it's essential if you want to get ahead of the pack so to speak.

    I also promote in a broad range of niches and spend very little time in the internet marketing niche. That's another reason why I think I've done well. I've not relied solely on income from very competitive and saturated niches.

    Just my ramblings for what it's worth!

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    Well, it's changed over the years, it's been 10-years now of self employment...but here's how it all started:
    Affiliate makes thousands
    100% Unique Sales Page Website +100% Unique Internet Marketing Product
    + Support! All of this, just $397! (PM Me For Details!)
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    What a great ride it has been!

    For many years I was in real estate and mortgage sales....We know what happened to that industry! Fortunately, I learned never to put all my eggs in one basket and that's why I would spend my time on Warrior Forum whenever I could and learn and apply all of the different business models that I was exposed to.

    I was going from one program to another with nothing to show for and yet after some key posts on the self-improvement forum on Warrior forum, I decided to really put the blinders on and FOCUS.

    I started out building Amazon sites whenever I had the time (Sleep was overrated anyways! ) and I would start to develop 1 site after another and still put in my 40-50 horus with my sales job. This happened for a solid 18 months until things really started to snowball!

    I'm not at a point yet where my sites have allowed me to retire BUT I can honestly say that it brings in a significant part of my income....Enough to the point where I now reduced my work hours to part-time and I work them all from home.

    I really learned the value of focus as well as working on a model that really was motivating to me....That's so important. There's so many models and yet you have to find one that really motivates you every hour....If you cannot be passionate about it, DON'T DO IT!

    With the added income come more free time and so with the free time, I'm still building up my sites so that my $3,000+ months will one day become $5,000+ months.

    As John Rhodes said in his great WSO thread, once your passive income equals your expenses, that's truly when you feel liberated.....I keep that feeling firmly entrenched in my mind and it keeps me going every day!

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    Originally Posted by TonyAG View Post

    I don't have one yet... but inspiration from other stories is always great.

    How did you start off? Where are you now?

    I also don't have such success story, hopefully just don't have yet! And you made a really nice topic, it is very motivating to read about that how others has came so far and at the beginning just such stories can give you a power to keep on going and working and not to give up, even if there are not first sales and for some moments seems that you are doing everything just for nothing.

    Still I hope that some day I will have a story and then I will definitely share it!
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      I started from PTR, and than success with google adsense, and now still try to success at flippa with explore my project with PHP and theme wordpress.
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    More then 5 years now in adult affiliate marketing and about to diversify into mainstream
    Nifty Stats - the best free software to track your progress
    at multiple affiliate programs within one interface. Give it a try!
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      Well to me this isn't a success story yet but to others it might be so yeah my friends introduced me into website building like 1 year back and before that i used to spend my time watching movies and wasting time on social networking anyhow i made this movie website then and got it to rank at page 2 for quite competitive term but then I didn't like CPAlead that much and adsense was not there so then i came across WF. Stumbled across various threads and applied to few cpa networks. I made a website around ipad offer and got to rank it on page 1 and so far my income have been steady Alhamdulillah but i am still not satisfied with the business model.

      For some reason i believe that building a website around specific term like kookabura bat will be easier to rank for but then if i make a website around cricket bat keyword it will bring in a lot more traffic in future lets see what i am able to achieve in coming months
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    Success is not a destination, it's a journey.
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    I started out about a year ago selling clickbank products and managed to make a few hundred bucks (maybe $500 at most) during the first few months. I had a squidoo lens and a couple blogger blogs as landing pages and got all my traffic exclusively through article marketing.

    Around November last year I got into both adsense and CPA. I put a lot of effort making a killer review site for a CPA product that made absolutely zip, and started a few adsense sites that pulled in about $15 in December.

    I gradually bought more domains and set up more physical product sites, and brought my adsense income up to about $350 - $400 a month.

    My big income boost came from that CPA site that I set up last year. Apparently, after sitting for over 6 months it started ranking in google for a couple keywords and now it's pulling in roughly $1,000 per month.

    My current income from adsense, CPA, and occasional clickbank sales comes to about $1,300 to $1,500 per month, so I'm still a success story in progress....but I'm getting there!

    PS: forgot to mention I did a little side project with a fellow warrior creating a PLR package which you'll see in my sig.....I think I made maybe about $100 - $150 from that. CPA and adsense pays much better!
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    Originally Posted by TonyAG View Post

    I don't have one yet... but inspiration from other stories is always great.

    How did you start off? Where are you now?

    With degrees in Business Management and Chemistry I worked as a Business Development Manager for a Pharmaceutical company for a few years. It was a great job with a lot of perks but I always knew that I wanted to do my own thing. I started a virtual assistant company back in 2002 and on our 6th anniversary I knew it was time to move on to something more challenging.

    That company still exists but my former assistant now sits at the helm. As a Virtual Assistant I was making good passive income just by referring products so I decided to get into affiliate marketing "full time." It really is a blast but now I am transitioning into info product development.

    I am leaning towards Relationship Building and possibly putting my background in Chemistry to good use.

    I love reading good inspirational stories and I am sure other Warriors will share a few on this thread. Like me, they may skim over the details but keep in mind that there is usually a lot of hard work, perseverance and sacrifices made behind every success story.

    I have had to make a few sacrifices myself but thankfully they paid off. Keep motivated and stay focused, by that I mean conquer one thing at a time before moving on to another challenge.

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