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Im in charge of SEO for a site called

It has links coming into it from and from

I've also submitted it to hundreds of website and article directories and have internal backlinks.

However, it remains a PR0. Is it possible that it is remaining at PR0 because the content is too much like Does Google penalize for similar (not duplicate) content?

Thanks in advance.
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    Just had a look at both sites are they are very similar and I would say some sentences are exactly the same. What is the age of this site?
    Have you done all the other parts of SEO or just backlinks?
    Have you done press releases, and advertised on free ad sites?
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    Hi Sue, Thanks for the reply. is about 3 mos old. I've done the appropriate SEO, in terms of keyword placement.
    I've not yet done the press releases.
    What other SEO could I do?
    What free ad sites would I be able to advertise on?
    And, most important question, do you think that having some sentences exactly the same would raise the duplicate content flag?
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    Google PR updates usually take a few months, so IF you are due for an update, be patient
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    While this is what I'm doing. I go to godaddy and search up clearance names with pr on them. Sometimes I can find names as much as pr4 for only $9+registration fee. I then purchase it and develop it and have a footer link back to my site. This way I get a link that is in my posession while developing a site.

    You can also purchase pr links for as low as $1/pr1 or $4/pr4 per month. There was a great service I found that charged about .50/Pr1-2 site per month. Quite affordable but not a lasting solution imho.
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