Clickbank Product Translation: What's a Fair Price?

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I'm currently in negotiations with a product creator who lists his product on Clickbank. Like most products, this one is created entirely in English for an English speaking audience. I will be replicating his product into another language (both text and audio) so that this new language version will be available to speakers of the new, target language. The content remains entirely his; I am merely translating and localizing it for a different language-speaking market. My idea is to create this new language product entirely at no cost to the product owner and simply to share a percentage of sales from the new language version. The question is: What is a fair market percentage of revenue distribution between me and the product owner? Ideas anyone?
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    What you are planning on doing is more than just simple translation.

    You will need to do copywriting for the sales page as well, since a simple translation into another language will not necessarily have the same impact in that language.

    He already has the product and you are about to offer him a NO RISK solution to getting more cash out of it. I would push high on the percentage and work from there. Maybe start with 60% and see what the response is.

    Another creative solution would be the first $1000 goes to you to cover your time, then 50/50, 60/40, etc.

    Just don't undersell yourself.

    Good luck,
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      Scott, thanks for the reply and your creative pricing ideas. 60% seems incredibly much to ask, especially since this is a new service area for my company and I don't yet have a proven track record into this particular niche. That said, I have been known to undervalue my services in the past. We'll see how things go.

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    60% IS incredibly much to ask.

    Other than that - a fixed percentage (for the first X months) sounds like a great idea, but in order to figure out how much to ask you need to know the potential of the product.

    If it's your average CB product that makes $1k per month if you're lucky then ask for a lot or better yet agree on a fixed price. On the other hand, if it's a product that can do 10k+ per month then obviously you need to keep the percentage more conservative.

    Something to bear in mind though is that you're merely a translator/copywriter. The product is his and I'm assuming he will take care of all the marketing as well. If it was my product I would NEVER agree on a percentage. But you might get lucky
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    You can using other channel to sale: ebay, classified, google adwords ...
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