I am Still Wet Behind The Ears

by Bob_E
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As if that is not enough, I am from Nigeria of all places, all we have here is population and oil. Our reputation is at an all time low, so low that many online businesses are a "NO GO" area for us down here. We are completely banned form such sites, most especially PayPal. Please, just how do I Succeed Online? The name is Bob Ezekiel.
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    An uphill battle, to be sure. You are in the right place. Most would advise to read/learn lots, find a method that makes sense to YOU and stick with it 100%. Read most of the "why I failed" threads and you'll learn quickly the #1 common mistake is not staying with a single program/method and giving it your all. You, your country, all wonderful! An unfortunate bad name because of scammers out there, but you should stay persistent, and find what seems a good fit for you. There are many wonderful business people in Nigeria, and many who wish to help themselves and bring their business skills online. Don't look for the super-easy solution, because there isn't any. Stay at it and focus on meeting needs , and success will come. This forum is LOADED with good info, and I wish you the best!
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      Hi Bob,

      I must admit it's not easy for you. Try getting in touch with some of the Nigerians that are on the forum and ask them how they do things. There are quite a few here that regularly contribute, ask them as they'll be able to help you more than I can. Main thing is to not get disheartened and give up. Good luck Bob, I wish you well.


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    Hi,let nothing stand in your way...and it's not your fault that Nigeria...IM have a bad reputation especialy... "Nigerian Cheque Scam" and fraud.....

    Get yourself a good mentor and work your way up....Remember all the sucessful people through centuries, have come through ...worser things than this of you...If plan "A" not working,try plan "B"....till "Z"..............and when you come at "Z".......there still hope for a plan.."AA"...till "ZZ" and so on.....till plan "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

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      Your best bet would be to find other Nigerian Warriors and ask them your how they manage stuff. I recently helped a guy here in Dubai who thought he can never cash a dollar check here. And he was right because most banks would refuse to accept dollar check, but I pointed him to one that accepts it. So I am sure other Nigerian Warriors can help you
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    Originally Posted by Bob_E View Post

    Our reputation is at an all time low, so low that many online businesses are a "NO GO" area for us down here.
    There are a numbers of Nigerian warriors here; King Shiloh and Yommies01 come to mind. I'm sure they can help, and will probably be here shortly to do so.
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      Just a thought Bob, see if you can change the thread title to mention Nigeria somehow, that way the other Nigerians will find this thread easier. They may not look in with the current title. Failing that I can PM the guys CDarklock mentioned and nicely ask them PM you as your post counts too low to send PM's.

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