Getting your products on - anyone done this?

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Hi Warriors,
Just wondering if any of you may have heard much about getting your products (if they are suitable) onto and how beneficial it is.

Basically I'm keen to hear from people who had personal experience sell their material on Amazon and whether you like it or not.

:-) Beaumont
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    I'm interested in this too. I have an eBook that's converting okayish but that I think would sell well on Amazon as a more traditional book. I was looking at Lulu for self-publishing but would love to hear what others think if they've given this a try.
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    It's not hard to sell your stuff on Amazon, but don't plan on getting rich from it.

    They take 55% (which is OK), send you random orders for stuff, sometimes one unit at a time, and you pay shipping. There is no guarantee your stuff will sell.

    That said I just added another product to Amazon.
    Here's a hopefully helpful link with details:
    Blogging for Business: How to Sell Your Stuff via Amazon
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    I figured Amazon would take a nice big cut - doesn't bother me too much. I'm with you Brian on building social proof. Definitely my goal. It seems like such a good way to get a lot of people looking at your stuff at once.
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    Amazon has some information on their site to help small publishers so take a look there.

    I also recommend this book: Dan Poynter's Self Publishing Manual. He's also co-authored another book specifically on Amazon, but I've not read it so can't comment.

    I've put 2 books for friends on Amazon - both as a physical book and as an ebook for their Kindle. However, I have a block of ISBN numbers for a publishing company so I could issue an ISBN and bar code - which are necessary in order to sell books. It's not that difficult.

    Good luck with your project and please feel free to ask me any questions - I enjoy helping folks.

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    I have used CreateSpace to get my book on to Amazon. It didn't even cost me anything besides ordering a proof copy of my own book.
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    I am also interested in it. And for my book on amazon i used CreateSpace. And i highly recommend to use Amazon's own CreateSpace for imprint for self_publishing.
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    Sounds like CreateSpace is the way to go. I'll have to get on and check it out today. I definitely like the idea of not seeing "No Stock" on the sales page.
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      I also am using CreateSpace for my new fiction thriller novel, "Perfect Lies" and just approved my final draft a few days ago. Amazon makes most of the money when you sell a copy but for me I just wanted to publish this novel so I could get on with writing my second one. It's all about the writing for me because I love to write.

      I've built a blog at: talking about my self publishing experience and am in the process of making a video trailer for the book I'll upload to multiple video sites. I also made some banners in PhotoShop I'll advertise and promote it with.

      In a few days it will be available on Amazon and that's when I'll promote the heck out of the Amazon sales page. I have a block of 10 ISBN numbers so I'll be busy producing even more books. I already have a second book of short stories I'm compiling now while writing fiction thriller number 2. I will use CreateSpace again because it's fast and I can produce books much quicker than using traditional publisher.
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    Sign up with can find out about it through the book "Aiming at Amazon."

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