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In our website we have a directory of article directories; we have arranged this directory to help our affiliate find most of their resources in our website. And we have now more than 300 webmasters and authors using this list to submit their articles (You know instead of book marking all the article directories, they have a list in one Webpage) This days We are Updating this list So we have deleted some old links, and we are also looking to add new, especially if they have good PR

If you have an article directory with in your website, or your website is an article directory you can add your directory to the list.

Click in the Directory of article directories in the signature

And here what you get:
At least 250 webmasters will be visiting your directory; some of them will register, in order to submit their articles. (You are also invited to use this list to submit your articles)
We will go on promoting this list to reach more and more webmasters.

What we get out of it
We will get revisits to our website and that Search Engines love, like forums.
So our goal is to improve our PR, and your goal is to reach more visits and grow your list.
And here our goals cross roads.
Thanks for hearing me up
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