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is there a free open source program to screen capture with audio?
i want to make a couple of how to videos but don't want to buy a program for that

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    I know of one called Screenhunter, never used it though. For really great videos though I would invest in a paid one. I bought Camtasia and what a good investment that is.
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    Yeah, what John said.
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    I am busy doing an online video making course which teaches how to do screen capture with Jing and also makes use of camtasia at a later stage, so it looks like Camtasia is the way to go, but I will also give Camstudio a look at this stage as it is apparently free. I am following the createvideoonline course but at this stage it seems to only be available to people who were on a live webinar which I was on. Will let you know if it goes public.

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    Jing is easy for making quick screen capture vids but obviously doesn't have the horsepower that Camtasia does. I have and use both.

    When I need something quick to explain something to a client, I use Jing, upload it to their sharing site and its done.

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    Thanks to all the suggestions i really appreciate it
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    if you have a mac then ScreenFlick is great, it's not free but is only about $40
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    Camstudio and Camstudio Pro, as others have suggested, is a good program for stills and video. Most distributions will provide the codecs you need, but you may have to go searching for a few too - but its not that bad. And they work well.

    I've not used Jing but hear good things about it now. When it was first released it had some issues.

    Also there is an excellent all-in-one thread on free software for warriors - you can check it out here:

    also here is a link to a list of screen capture software - as always be careful on link sites like this - but it does have some interesting links to check out.

    Good luck!
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    Try Yuuguu
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    Camstudio is definitely one of the more popular and powerful open source solutions, or you could also use Jing for shorter (< 5 mins) videos.
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    Camstudio is simple and easy to use and the best thing it does work with Windows 7 64 bit. I've never had the problem that scoaster had with the full screen flashing and freezing. That aside it sounds like a good fit for what you are after. Give it a try - costs nothing.
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