A gift from me to fellow warriors

by blokh
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Have you ever wished to promote more than one clickbank offer by advertising on bringing traffic to any one offer?

I won't ask you to opt in to my list (however, I would recommend you do, so I can give you more surprise freebies like this) and I wont ask you to buy anything either.

Let's say I am in a good mood and want to gift a little script to all warriors that will make your day.

This is what this script will do for you ..

If you search for a product on Clickbank, you'll see several offers of the same kind - For example:

Here's what you do:

On the main file I send you, you will add as many affiliate links as you wish.

When a user comes to this page, he/she will be redirected to one of these offers. When another visitor hits that page, he/she will be redirected to the second offer and so on ...

I am not asking for anything ... just reply to this post with a request for this script and I will PM you the URL ...

I am willing to give it to upto 20 warriors ... So the first 20 warriors (who reply to this post before 12:00 AM (EST)), get this script ABSOLUTELY FREE, while the other's need to buy it from Affiliate Link Rotation Script by Raakesh (Raakesh.com) for $19.99.

These scripts differ in nature, but do pretty much the same thing.

PLEASE NOTE: I already gave away the Affiliate Link Rotation Script to 20 members. I do not have any more free copies left. Thanks for reading.
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