Physical letter follow opposed to email autoresponder followups - any service available?

by Adeel_Chowdhry 6 replies
Okay, so we all know about following up with subscribers/prospects with emails..

But are there any services out there where I could set up physical letters to go out at X days, just like an email autoresponder, but in physical format?

- Taking it further

It would be great if the prospect could be added to that physical follow up service (if one exists) automatically at the same time they get added to the email list.

Anyone have any knowledge as to services like this that exist?

These physical mailings (targeted) are bound to have more of an impact on the prospect, as well as on your relationship with them and ultimately on your bottom line $$$.

- Adeel
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    Not exactly what you are asking for but it could definetely work!

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      OH YEAH!...

      Best of all,

      It's FREE!
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      Originally Posted by Jose Delgado View Post


      Not exactly what you are asking for but it could definetely work!

      You know some cool site Jose.

      That site looks slick...and it's free..or not really...just marketing.

      ..and yeah, it wont meet the needs of the physical autoresponder system that I talked about.

      It would be great to find a service like that...
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        Have you tried this?

        Looking at the picture, I hope they don't send it at snail's pace


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        • HI Adeel,

          I know there is a postcard sending service
          that David Frey is always promoting. I'm not
          sure if that is what your after?

          I'm actually using software that does
          exactly what your saying. I had it custom
          made though.

          Cost me a pretty penny!

          It does broadcasts, sequential mailings, anniversary/birthday
          mails...amongst a heap of other things.

          I can either enter a by one or import
          a whole heap of them via csv. It also checks for
          duplicate entries

          And the best thing is...I dont have to hit the
          print button. All I have to do is turn the computer
          on and It Automatically prints out the letters that
          need to go out that day.

          And No...You cant have a copy

          Take Care,

          Michael Silvester
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          • Ben Way has something like that I think. I havn't heard from him in a bit so not sure what happened with it.

            To be honest, you have a business idea just waiting to be taken up here - much more profitable than be a gold prospector (providing the tools)
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