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I can't believe I missed this..

According to Reuters Godaddy is for sale:

The privately held company could fetch more than $1 billion in an auction, the report said, citing people familiar with the matter.

GoDaddy has hired investment bank Qatalyst Partners, the Journal reported. Private equity firms are expected to bid.
GoDaddy.com puts itself up for sale: report | Reuters

Maybe they will add more upsells too
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    Ya, they listed the site on Flippa. 2.5% closing fee to the buyer.

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      Ya, i am thinking, i should just write a check for them... I would expect that
      the final selling price of Go Daddy will be upwards of 1.5-2 Billion.

      Now the killer question is... who will be in the running to buy them, which
      companies would be the perfect parent company to godaddy ?

      Gotta love the Net, now whos got the best marketing package
      for godaddy and a sale...


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    I actually just bought it and am trying to flip it. I only bought it to remove Danica from the freaking site. Best $1 Billion I ever sent. I'm looking for the lady they had on there before her. Now she was a hottie for sure.

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    So Matt..it was YOUR decision to use Jillian the fitness freak on the home page?

    I expected more out of you..

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    Originally Posted by Caleb Spilchen View Post

    Maybe they will add more upsells too
    Haha... I love this! Their upsells drive me insane. I know what I want, just let me buy it! Stop trying to sell me newbie stuff!
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    haha I heard about this on the radio a few days ago. Let's group buy it lol
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    Why they are selling? Does anybody knows?

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    I hope the new owner makes the site more simple....I sometimes get lost in the multitude of buttons and offers.

    Every time I buy a new domain I get the feeling that I also agreed to buy a car or sell a kidney somewhere along the way of completing the order
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    Someone at GoDaddy must have bought Susan's Flip Ace product and got very motivated.

    Have a Great Day!
    PS. Matt, Put Danica back and ditch Jillian Sheesh.
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    They may be the most popular for domains and hosting, but they are also the most annoying for many reasons. Anything I can get from them I can get better and cheaper from Namecheap and Hostgator.

    Maybe the sale will get them to fix some of their issues, not that I'd go back.
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    Danica was up on Friday, but Jillian is back up today. Cat fight?
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    Note: I used the search feature and nothing came up so I made thread.

    Jillian bought it so she could get domainers in shape..

    Canadian Expat Living in Medellin, Colombia

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    I have on godaddy, lots of domain name. What to I expect from the new owner. Basically, even worse service. Hey, can you imagine? Yeah, and higher price. My suggestion to the new owner is - if ain't broke don't try to fix it and get rid of MANica.
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