After how many months did you make money ???

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Ok guys there are a lo of marketers out there selling their courses and saying "I was so poor ........i didnt know how to get money,i never had a website,a list but bow im making xxxxx amount per month"

So i wanna know from u guys after how many months or weeks or days did u see commission check for urself ??
Also how much do guys average a month ,is it xxxx or xxxxx

You need not give me exact money u made last month or ur first month [no one would anyways reveal that :p]
but i would jst like to know how much do you guys average

I jst got my credit card and im getting started and i have a lot of stuff to care i would like to know ur honest opinions

tnx to all :-)
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    My very first ever money that I made online was through adsense about 5 years ago. I made something like $140 in 2 months, in fact I still have a copy of that check hidden away somewhere. Keep in mind that getting ranked for anything 5 years ago was much easier than it is today.
    Giving up is not an option.
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    For me it took about 6 months to get the first paycheck, but I did`nt read any of the great ebooks in Warriorforum at that time. So if you learn from the warriors and not only by yourself, it should be a shortcut. One or two months should be enough to get the first money...
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      It took me 1 week to earn my first $4 dollars. The first 2 month i earned $150 and then i bought a domain and hostet it. I startet with a blogger blog.

      After a half year i was earning about 500-600$ month but now i am doing 200$ month, i have been in the business for 10 month.

      And i have earner about 3000$ since i started.
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    Thanks for posting this question, I am new to the forum and that was one of the many questions I had.
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    I made money my very first day ever, I was offering a service though and at a discounted price so It is easier.
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