Why So Few Succeed, Yet Some Can't Stop

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It is truly ironc that IM has such a bad rap from many on the public, when the majority who have truly successful IM businesses have built it by consistently overdelivering and providing a solid value to their customers. Kevin Reily, Paul Myers, and MIke Filsame, spring immediately to mind.

When kevin offers a new course for exmaple, I trip all over myself to sign up for it ASAP, because I know he will deliver something that exceeds my expectations and give me more than I feel I paid for. You only need do this a few times to establish a reputation that almost renders a sales letter or video moot for anyone familiar with your reputation. If it solves a problem or meets a need / want, people will buy what you're selling on a product description alone.

Conversely, if you have a poor reputation, the best copywriters will struggle mightily to save you. This points to the necessity to build your business the right way, just as you would in the off-line world. It's all about solid products, that perfectly fit people's needs, and sold at a price that delivers a value even greater than people expect.

They need not be low priced either, as high priced products can deliver terriffic value if they do what a customer needs done. That is why B to B products can command such high prices. They only need to deliver a solid ROI for the buyer, and the high price can still be a solid value.

In any case, we can all learn the lesson of creating a solid, ongoing business, with a thriving (and growing) customer base by over-delivering content. Those kind of relationships and customer base can sustain your business for years to come, while having to find and sell new customers over and over again will not. Indeed, you then have nothing but a promotion, and when you stop promoting, your business is dead, virtually overnight.

Create value = live long and prosper.
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    OP, you are spot on! Nothing is more valuable than value. You are either giving your customers value for their money or you are not...

    And no product can be more successful than the owner. This means that if you are a failure as far as reputation is concerned, you can't sustain a successful business.
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