Double Launch! Is It Possible?

by Ernie Lo 6 replies
Has anyone here attempted a double launch?

I dunno If can pull this one off lol...I'm mainly concerned about JV's having an issue promoting both on the same day.....even though they are both very revolutionary and free on the front end.

The reason I want to do them on the same day, is because I believe one will help the other succeed more and they are very related and feed in to each other.

Has anyone attempted a Double Launch before?

Any interesting results/thoughts to share
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    If I'm right in thinking it's in the same market then I would definitely question "why" you want to do it.

    If you want more money then HOLD BACK and make one product successful and then sell your next one on the back of its success.

    If it's more exposure and brand awareness you want then launching two products could give you the viral interest needed to boost people's perception of you.

    Launching a product, done right, is probably THE most beneficial part of marketing you can do. Not only does it bring in tons of cash but the friends / partners / customers you aquire will last a lifetime.

    Be careful. If you're just launching two products for the sake of if then you'll probably screw up.

    I always remember this quote: "It's better to have 50% of something rather than 100% of nothing."

    Essentially - if you're going to launch two prods and they FLOP, you've got nothing whereas if you launch one and have limited success you'll still have something to work with.

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      I second Rich's comments.

      What is your reasoning for doing two launches at the same time? Is it just for the sake of it?

      Having a good backend in place would be a good option.

      - Also -

      If the second product is related to the same topic and niche, delay it for now and bring it out a few weeks later and sell it to the customers that purchased product 1, they should still be warm leads and conversions will theoretically be higher.

      - Adeel
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      That's exactly what I'm afraid of and will probably be the key thing that stops me from doing the double launch.

      I guess I could launch the 2nd one, a few weeks later..

      It's just I'm trying to do everything to make the 1st one a success and launching the 2nd one would help out. (they are both free remember)

      Sorry guys, I know I'm being mystical and unable to explain it all properly, but it's all a secret..

      Though I'm interested in hearing if anyone here has attempted something like this.

      Originally Posted by richpeck View Post

      if you're going to launch two prods and they FLOP, you've got nothing whereas if you launch one and have limited success you'll still have something to work with.

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      • Hey Ernie, I think you have to be careful, too close together and they may die together, too far away and they won't be linked...
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        (they are both free remember)
        I didn't see that before - if they are both free then you're almost certainly doing to to build your brand.

        Therefore, I would definitely look into offering one as a free product and then the other as an upsell.

        Then you just launch the "free" product and wait for customers to bite on the paid stuff.
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