What should you consider when choosing a niche

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Ok warriors,

Another question from the newb. What are somethings I should consider while choosing a niche?

Should I choose something I know or that is somewhat in demand and can learn?

Once I choose my niche and begin to build it up once I get it to peak do I choose another niche and follow the same process?

I want to first thank everyone that has answered my crazy questions and viewed my posts I really appreciate it.

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    It's the market that brings you money, so it has to have some demand.

    Pick a too competitive niche and it will take forever to make money as SEO and PPC competition can be overly tough.

    The best way to go is to pick a niche where there are no more than 4-5 competitors and plenty of search volume according to Google keyword tool. No competition at all is suspicious - perhaps there's a reason for it.
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    Thanks Cassidy,

    Do you know if there are warriors or any other IMs that offer to find niches that are out there with lil competition (for a fee of course) or How do you find them? I know these are super generic questions I am just trying to grasp it all and thanks for your initial response

    Don't just follow the Pack...Lead the Pack

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    Depends on what you'll be doing in the niche. If you are promoting affiliate products, then it is best to do the research like Cassidy recommends. However, if you are creating your own product, I recommend you only do it in a niche that you know a lot about and/or are passionate about (otherwise outsource the product creation to an expert).
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      You might want to look at some of Steve Wagenheim's WSO's...he's got one now (on page 3 of the WSO section at the time of this writing) that deals with niches...including a report with 10 niches you can sell.

      I've bought some of Steve's stuff before, and it's top-notch. (And no, I don't get a cut...that's why I didn't link to the WSO itself.)

      Not an exact answer to your question, but from my experience, if Steve says a niche is profitable, it usually is.
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