Here's how you can make $1k to $2k per month (Trick -1)

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Give support to internet marketers. Customer support is very very important of online business. Most of the internet marketers handle their support stuff themselves. But somewhere down the line everybody know Tim ferris, leverage, outsource, free your time from work and enjoy life.

But customer support is really a touchy issue. They cant outsource it to some arbitrary Elane guy. If you are reading warriorforum constantly, you got ton of knowledge under your belt, which normal elance guys dont have.

Go to , pick any niche, start from 5th page and contact Internet marketers. Tell them, you need a job and giving good customer support is your passion. Draft a good genuine email and shoot to atleast 40 prospects.

You may need to contact them 2,3 times, before they seriously think, you are a real human being and not a bot. Talk to them, tell them how you can take care of their customer support and they can give attention to marketing and product creation.

Not sure, but may be you can launch wso here asking if someone need help in support area. Some of you are not Internet marketers, at the same time theoretically you know a lot about internet marketing. Thats why you got better chance of getting these sort of jobs.

Other important aspect is, you will create good relation with top Internet marketers. Once you prove to them, you are dedicated and honest in whatever you do. You might launch some future products with them. Creating good relationship and doing something good for someone is key here.

I dont see, why you cant make some good amount of money here. Getting ifrs client will be toughest. Once you get a first client, you can just show to future prospects, that you work for so and so Internet marketer. Then it will be easy.

Most of the top internet marketers hire affiliate managers or project managers. Their job is to talk to affiliates, recruit them, see what product they should promote to list. Even Simon leung got full team, which decide where they should invest their money. Mike filesaime got affiliate manager, who decide which product they should promote to their mammoth list.

I hope someone take some action on this and profit from it.

Thanks in advance
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    This is a great idea. I think I like it but it seems to be an uphill task.
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      Originally Posted by King Shiloh View Post


      This is a great idea. I think I like it but it seems to be an uphill task.

      Well try to implement ideas with a broad smile on your face. Dont take life too seriously. Try to work on idea, lets say for 2 weeks. If you see good result, factastic. If it doesnt work for you, move on. The worse thing you can do is to be in indecisive state. Should i do it or shouldn't i do it? This is very very bad situation to be in. Either create a plan to implement it or move forward.

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    Thanks for this great topic
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