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The WordPress that I had installed is now finally working, I have been having techincal difficulty all night and day making it work with my hosting.

I have a niche, a product. I'm practically good to go.

(I will write articles or pay someone to write articles for me and submit them to article directorys.)

I've constructed a list of Questions that may be uber silly and nooby but I'd appreciate it if you could answer them as clear as possbile so I can fully understand.

1. Shall I blog or have a review site? Which is more effective?
2. If I go down the blogging route, what is the first step to promoting my product(s)?
3. Would I need to post a blog entry before I submit an article?
4. How long does the blog entry need to be?
5. For the blog entry, do I just write a description of the product and include the Affiliate link?
6. How do I include the affiliate link?
7. What if I want to promote two products?
8. How many times do I need to post blog entries a day?
9. How do I build a list?
10. Do I email people on the list once I've built it?
11. What is backlinking?
12. How can I get ranked on Google?
13. Is using the Motion Theme fine for my WordPress Blog?

Again, I really do apologise for these Questions.
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    1. Totally dependent on the product you're promoting and the traffic you receive.

    2. Could be a review post of the product on your blog although that would seem entirely promotional and commercial on a new blog.

    3. Not quite sure what you mean here but it would be advisable to get your content indexed on your site first before submitting it anywhere.

    4. Again, dependent on what the purpose of the post is. Keep it concise and accurate.

    5. Review would be more compelling. Descriptions are available on the salespage.

    6. Depends on where you're promoting your offer from...

    7. Go ahead...

    8. Advisable to post as frequently as possible while retaining content quality.

    9. Set up a opt-in form on your blog or on a landing page.

    10. Well, not much else you could do with those emails is there?

    11. What is backlinking

    12. SEO (On page/Off page), backlinks.
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  • In general a blog is more effective in attracting visitors to your site, than a review site. But as already stated, it depends on what your niche is. Can you provide a link to your site? – this would help me give you a more reliable opinion.


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  • Visually the site looks great However it's important to provide professionally written content. What is your niche? What are you selling?


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    You might want to get blogging to the bank info or a similar free product. google predator provides so good info on blogging since they recommend that your webpage is hosted on the wordpress.
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    Your site looks really nice, I can't wait to see what it looks like when you have it filled in with content!
    Media Buyer and Communications Specialist with Clickfunnels
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    Is the product you have yours or are you an affiliate? If it is yours, do you have a sales letter?
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