Looking for a membership site coach.

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I am tired of wasting time. I would like to find a coach who can help me get a membership site up and running. I am a soap maker and cosmetic maker. This would be weekly classes that will be taught via video. I don't want to deal with clickbank.
Just so you know, I am highly motivated and don't mind doing the work, I just want to be going in the right direction.

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    Hi Rene

    I'm a member of wishlist insiders. Just search for that on Google. The site is centered around their wordpress membership software, but they have great info and support.

    I'm often able to write a message and get a response from one of their top people within an hour, sometimes less!

    They have some videos, but I don't know if I would call it video coaching. Nevertheless, the site is a great resource and I'm not even using my affiliate link to tell you about it!
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    [QUOTE=Chris Kent;2669193]Custom video tutorials? That will cost you a lot.

    No, I have already MADE the videos, that is how I will deliver the information to my membership site.

    I just don't want to deal with clickbank. It sounds like a WP Plugin is the way to go.

    Thanks for your help everyone!
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    Yep I think it was.

    Have a Great Day!
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