PLR Custom WordPress Child Themes/Skins Your thoughts?

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I'm thinking of offering each custom child theme
for Genesis and skin for Thesis (same look and functions)
I design as PLR Products to a limited number of people
who purchase the PLR theme from me.

They could use the PLR theme anyway they want to:

- give it away to build their list
- sell it
- start their own theme sales business

I'd offer support, updates and first grab at additional
custom themes/skins to those limited number of people
who purchase the PLR theme from me.

- What are your thoughts on this model?
- How many people should I limit the PLR theme to?
- What price would you put on the PLR theme?
- What do you see as a down side to this PLR theme marketing idea?
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    I'm still interested in your themes (that I saw on your site before you removed them). They were definitely some of the nicest thesis themes I've seen.

    Skins as plr is a great idea! (In my opinion). They would have to be in the 'affordable' price range, maybe $5 or $10. (I'm guessing really). Content plr goes for $1 a page, so I'm not sure about a these skin. I know I'd buy at $5. Skins out there are $50+ and I won't get those for a small, untested minisite.

    The downside is competing with the free themes, so yours would have be better. I particularly want those with a 'feature' slider and free sites don't have those. Also static page options included.

    I hope this helps.
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      Thanks for the thoughts. I dropped the PLR idea and I have a Sales Page Theme for Thesis that can have any look you want from an options page. I'll send you a copy when I have it ready and you can give it a try.
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        Disappointed to hear you're not doing the PLR. I was hoping ... But I'd love to try this other one when you have it done, Bill.

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