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A couple of days ago I posted a message offering to host a free coaching call on how to get publicity for your business just for Warriors. The response was less than I expected. But still, a number of Warriors expressed an interest.

So, instead of having a separate Warrior coaching call, I'll invite any interested Warriors to join the monthly coaching call I'm have for my newsletter subscribers and publicity members this month.

Here's the information you'll need to call in:

Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Time: 8 PM Eastern time
Phone number: 1-218-339-4600
Access code: 241020#

The call will last one hour. There's no charge for the call except for your long distance telephone charges.

If you have any questions about how to get publicity, how to use it to get more business or traffic to your website, etc. send me a PM. I'll answer questions in the order I receive them. If there's time left, I'll open the phone lines for more calls. But, since I get a lot of questions sent to me before the call, I rarely get a chance to open the lines for more questions.

Since I want everyone on all of my coaching calls to get the most value from the questions and answers, I won't be able to critique individual press releases. But just about any other question is fine.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, this will not be thinly disguised sales pitch. These monthly coaching calls are for people who have paid or are paying me a significant amount of money to be on the calls. So you can expect an hour of solid content.

PM your questions to me and I look forward to having you on the call on Tuesday.
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    Let me tell you if you are serious about learning how to do publicity right, Paul Hartunian is THE go to guy.

    I've have had the profitable pleasure of having his publicity system for years and years.

    I can't tell you how many hundreds of thousands of dollars in publicity I have achieved using his information.

    In this fast changing 24 hour news cycle world, you need an edge to get noticed by those insiders who choose the hot topics of the day, Paul knows how to help you be the best known celebrity in those hot topics.

    If you have something planned for that time and date, cancel it~!

    Join Paul and learn from the master.

    Today isn't Yesterday, - Products are everywhere if your eyes are Tuned!
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    What topics will you talk about on the call?
    Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" - Video Tutorials Turn PLR into MRR - 177 Resell Rights -Biggest Graphics Set You Have Ever Seen 48 PLR, MRR, Resell Rights
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    Hi Paul,

    I think what happened here is that most warriors (believe it or not) don't understand what "publicity" really means.

    Even though we are in a marketing forum, publicity as you know is a form of marketing in and of itself.

    If it were spelled out I'm sure you would've had people climbing over one another to try to get in on your coaching all because that's how POWERFUL publicity really is.



    Originally Posted by Paul Hartunian View Post

    A couple of days ago I posted a message offering to host a free coaching call on how to get publicity for your business just for Warriors. The response was less than I expected.
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    Mark, thanks for the kind words. I certainly do appreciate them.

    Robert, I'll be answering any questions people have about getting online or offline publicity.

    Justin, my biggest frustration right now is getting people to understand the power and value of publicity. In my opinion, publicity is, without a doubt, the cheapest, fastest, most powerful form of marketing available to everyone today.

    Thanks all for the comments.
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    Thanks, I will try to be available to listen in !

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