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I've heard that new agents in the anti-counter-fitting division of the US Secret Service study only US currency. This they do in depth so as to learn everything possible about US money.

Only by having complete knowledge of the standard can they easily determine that which does not measure up.

In the two plus years I've hung around WF I've made good friends. Warriors who've gone out of their way to answer questions or help with a project. Others-many of them the same-with whom I chatted and joked-about everything as we sorted out the world.

I've seen scammers and spammers exposed, outed and banned.

Products have been discussed, cussed and fairly reviewed.

So have marketers.

Recently, as in the past-so it was not unusual, Warriors banded together to help a long-time, highly valued member of this little community in a time of great need.

Warrior Forum, is to my thinking, the standard to which others should be held.

Respectfully and thankfully,

Elmer Hurlstone

Note: I wrote this in reply to a now-gone thread. That the other thread was deleted is likely proper. But, since I wrote this...
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